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Eureka City Hall
100 City Hall Dr, Eureka, MO 63025

Eureka's first-known inhabitants were Shawnee Indians on the banks of the Meramec River. After the city was laid outMore as a village in 1858, it became a prosperous site by 1890. The first high school class there was held in 1909. 

Although several natural disasters, including floods, tornadoes and fires, hit Eureka through the years, city residents always rallied and eventually improved the services offered overall.

Eureka was incorporated as a city in 1954, and has since annexed various parts of the region. Its current size covers approximately 9.35 square miles.

Eurekans are quick to share that the city is still growing and is perceived as one of the up-and-coming municipalities in the St. Louis region. The city also has an active Chamber of Commerce and is home to a major tourist attraction: Six Flags-St. Louis Amusement Park.

Eureka comes from the Greek language, meaning "I found it."

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