Volunteers Honored In Wildwood

Behind several of Wildwood's programs and city government efforts are many volunteers dedicated to the municipality week in and week out.

The nearly 100 volunteers in attendance at Wildwood's Volunteer Appreciation meal Friday night are more used to being behind the scenes rather than being the center of attention. However, a simple but nice gathering was held at city hall, to express gratitude for the hours of time and talent provided to the city by its volunteer residents.

April is national Volunteer Appreciation Month.

A variety of volunteer opportunities are available within Wildwood's organized city groups, such as as the Architectural Review Board, Board of Adjustment, Board of Ethics, Board of Public Safety, City Hall Steering Committee, Community Park Advisory Committee, Historic Preservation Commission, Planning and Zoning Commission, Town Center Advisory Panel and now the Community Garden Committee. Interest in volunteering can be submitted online.

Mayor Tim Woerther commended the volunteers Friday, and thanked them for "making everyone's jobs easier."

City Administrator Dan Dubruiel first referenced the number of volunteer citizens who had the determination and vision to form the city 15 years ago. "We appreciate all the volunteers it has taken then and now to support what we believe to be the finest community in St. Louis County," he said.

He said it's up to current and future volunteers to help sustain the city's vision. "Wildwood requires a great deal of volunteer effort, and we always need those willing to step forward to help with city government," he said.

"We appreciate efforts in guiding city decisions, and applaud residents for leading community success. Thanks for your service."


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