School For The Blind Students Assisted by Lions

Local West St. Louis Lions members from Eureka brightened the lives of many students at the Missouri School for the Blind.

For the ninth consecutive year, West St. Louis County/Eureka Lions Club participated in the “Christmas Extravaganza” program and party at the Missouri School for the Blind located at 3815 Magnolia Ave. in St. Louis.

Gifts of clothing and toys totaling more $1,500 purchased at the group's shopping partner——were presented to needy students at the party.

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In addition to individual gifts the students opened, Lions' members provided clothing and shoes that will be distributed as needed throughout the school year.  

Two major goals of Lions Club members are improving eye care and preventing blindness, as well as supporting youth activities. "The best reward of being a part of this project was seeing the happy smiles and hearing expressions of thanks when the children opened their gifts—truly, a heartwarming experience," said member Bryan Kiefer of .

West St. Louis County/Eureka Lions member West Sir said, "We thank citizens of the Eureka community for supporting the Lions' fund raising projects throughout the year. It is your support that makes events like this happen."

About the school

The Missouri School for the Blind (MSB), established in 1851, is a public school for legally blind Missouri children ages 5 to 21. It is operated by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. MSB, which is fully accredited by both state and national organizations, provides curriculum instruction that is fully aligned with state standards, as well as specialized classes in orientation and mobility, Braille, adaptive physical education, daily living skills, transition and adaptive technology. Students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities such as music, swimming, cheerleading, goalball, wrestling, track and field, and special interest clubs.

Missouri School for the Blind also offers, on an as-needed basis, physical and occupational therapy, nursing care, counseling and access to physicians and dentists. 

The mission of Missouri School for the Blind, as stated on the school's website, is to provide individualized instruction, resources and educational services ensuring that students with visual impairments achieve the academic, social, employment, and life skills empowering them to enjoy full productive lives.


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