St. Louis Heat Breaks July Record

Yes, it was hot enough for us.

The National Weather Service reported Aug. 1 that the average temperature for the month of July was 88.1 degrees. That's averaging every temperature for each day together, including morning lows.

This breaks a record set in 1901, when temperatures averaged together reached 87.4 degrees.

This July also broke the record for number of days—eight—with a maximum temperature more than 105 degrees. The previous record? Seven days over 105 way back in 1934. That was 78 years ago.

The "normal" temperature for July in St. Louis is around 89 degrees.

Not shocking, July was also a record breaker for most days—28 of them— where it got hotter than 90 degrees. Also record breaking was the low temperatures for this July, which saw 11 days where the evening lows didn't get under 80 degrees. Normally, St. Louis nights should cool down to about 71 degrees in July.

July 25 was especially hot, tying the all-time "warmest" low temperature and the second warmest average daily temperature ever. The Weather Service said St. Louis hit 108 that day, the highest of the month.

At least the drought wasn't a record breaker. This July was only the 8th driest July for St. Louis.


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