David Freese: Joy About Local Ball

When David Freese helped Six Flags St. Louis inaugurate the renovated roller coaster "Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast" on Thursday, Patch also asked him about lessons learned from baseball at Lafayette High School.

Being happy at what you're doing is key to succeeding, said David Freese, a graduate turned St. Louis Cardinals MVP World Series baseball player.

Freese took part in Six Flags St. Louis' launch of the park's newly renovated ride "Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast" on Thursday in Eureka. See related Eureka-Wildwood Patch article:

"Going through high school is a special time of life. You come to forks in the road," said Freese. "The coaches at Lafayette taught me to respect the game, respect my opponents as well as to respect the desire to win.

They taught me how to 'get after it.'"

Freese was aware of the Sunday during the annual rivalry baseball game between and . "That was so cool, and I'm sure it was thrilling for him. I don't think I hit a home run until I was a junior in high school, so I'm not sure I could've hit a home run at the Stadium during high school," he said.

Freese also was aware of the Eureka High School softball team going to state this school year. His shout-out to them:  "I wish them luck. It's cool what they're doing. You've got to have joy with what you do. I hope they're happy while they're going for it."

When Patch asked Freese what he thought he would be doing if he were not playing professional baseball, he said he did not know. "This is where I'm at and all I worry about."

He said playing Cardinals' professional baseball is great all by itself, and winning the World Series in front of so many St. Louisans was an added thrill. "Being the hometown guy, not a lot of people get that opportunity."


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