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Senator Nieves discusses a modern day leadership movement.

My wife, Julie, and I recently took a little Rag Tag Group of Up and Coming, Future Leaders with us to a Regional Leadership Conference in Louisville. What an impact-full event! Every person that came with us was Blown Away and became much more dedicated and prepared to help us Launch a Leadership Revolution! We were encouraged as we watched hundreds of people receive recognition for achieving significant goals and milestones in their leadership journey. We were humbled as we watched people from our very own little Team receive such recognition and Julie and I hit a new level as well! The recognition received by Julie and me, along with our Team, was based on demonstrating influence in the world around us. Leadership, in essence, is nothing more than the ability to influence and this conference was a place for people who demonstrated influence to be recognized!  There were 5,000 people at the location we attended which was only one of three locations in the U.S. and Canada! This means there were tens of thousands of people in North America hearing about the true principles of Constitutional FREEDOM! Now for the best part... Not only were we all taught about freedom; we were also taught about Leadership!

What is Leadership? It is the ability to influence! We can have TONS of good information about how to turn America around but if we are not able to influence others, we're dead in the water!

What does it mean to influence?  We “Influence” others when we lead them to truth. We influence others when we help them achieve things they didn’t think they could. We influence others when we help them become all they were born to be. We influence others when we help them see their own blind spots. We influence others when we LEAD them! If leadership is largely the ability to influence…  What should we influence people toward?  Those of us who are deeply engaged in Launching a Leadership Revolution believe we should influence America back in the direction of being a principle based, character driven society that believes in hard work and dedication. We believe America can regain her constitutional greatness and her Godly heritage!

As a current state senator and Christian who holds a license to preach, I can tell you that government and organized religion are not going to fix America. Government seems to ruin everything it touches and politicians don’t have the back bone to do what’s right! Our beloved religious “leaders” continue their refusal to engage due to an unfounded fear of breaking the imaginary “Church & State” rule! Traditional “News” outlets are a joke and border on malpractice every day. America is at a cross roads, a time when we must decide, as a society, who we are and who we want to become. Most, if not all, of the traditional organizations and institutions we have looked to to lead and guide this Great Republic have failed us! Something must change! We must, as a people, make personal and individual decisions about what each one of us is willing to do and then collectively do it with other likeminded, modern day patriots! I’ve heard it said that every person will, at some point in their life, be called upon to lead and I believe that time is NOW! Thirty years from now we will be asked by the young people of that day about what we did individually or collectively to fix America. Keep two things in mind about that question:

  1. Will they be asking because America got fixed and they are happy? OR will they be asking because the America they live in is so much different than what we enjoyed?
  2. What will YOUR answer be? Will the answer you give be worthy of praise or will you have to try to explain why you never engaged?


My participation may be different than yours and mine is no more valuable as long as you are giving your best! My way is NOT the only way and I encourage you to identify what your role may be in this effort to turn America around. I will continue to fight in the grand halls of our state capitol, I will continue to preach from the pulpit of any church that will have me but both of those efforts are only available to a rare few! In addition to serving as a senator and preaching from the pulpit I have decided to become “All In” in an effort to Launch a Leadership Revolution! Building leaders knows no limits and is something any person, from any walk of life can engage in. I have become a Man on Fire about building leadership teams in North America because I believe the teams we build will play a major role in righting this ship we call America! We are successfully Finding, Training, and Engaging Good People in this Leadership Revolution. Together, we will train up a Million and beyond and turn America around! Come join us! This journey is NOT for the weak, it is not for the know it all, and it's not for those who seek easy riches! It IS for those of us who are willing to train & train & train, work & work & work, and maybe - just maybe after we've done that, we'll see some personal financial rewards! Don't get me wrong, there is a TON of money to be made in the Leadership Industry but just like anything else, you got to prove your worth before you are rewarded! I am currently working with little pockets of aspiring leaders in places like Washington, Farmington, St. Louis, Joplin, St. Charles, Tampa, Baton Rouge, Texas and California etc etc etc… Together we are Having Fun, Making Money, AND Making a Difference!

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Caffeinated January 30, 2013 at 06:57 PM
Sounds like Amway.


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