Valentines Sent to Newtown High from Eureka High

Each card was decorated with the Eureka Wildcat logo, and students and staff added their own creative touches. The cards were collected earlier this month to arrive before Valentine’s Day. Read how Newtown acknowledged.

Eureka High School staffers recently sent some special Valentine’s Day greetings to their colleagues at Newtown High School, the school district still in many minds due to the shooting tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Whitney Gaines, a Special School District teacher at Eureka High, said the idea came about because she felt it was important to show support to these educators.

“Eureka teachers wrote personal notes and letters of encouragement to the staff at Newtown High,” said Gaines in a Rockwood School District release today. “We tried to pair up like disciplines, like math teacher to math teacher, to strengthen the connection.”

In one letter, a Eureka teacher wrote:  “I could sit here and say how sorry I am, but instead I want to remind you how wonderful you are. I want you to remember that you are a role model. You are changing and inspiring your students to create a better, brighter future. Lastly, never forget what made you want to teach in the first place…the kids!”

Eureka Principal Deb Asher said it was a moving experience for Eureka staffers. 

The cards were acknowledged on Newtown High's principal's blog.  


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