Heisman Awards go to Two Eureka High Athletes

These two students are school winners during the first phase of the national program. Today, Oct. 29, state finalists of top scholar athletes will be announced. National winners receive a trip to New York.

Gabby Herrick and Luke Seiler from Eureka High School both are 2012 Wendy's High School Heisman school winners. They are being considered for the program's state-level phase, and will find out today if they made it as a finalist. 

The Heisman program honors outstanding high school student athletes for their commitment to academic achievement, community service involvement and athletic prowess. Heisman organizers indicated they receive 50,000 applications for the program.

School winners automatically move on to compete in the state portion of the program. The program's four phases are:

  1. School Winners Phase:  One senior male and one senior female from every school will be selected as a “School Winner”
  2. State Finalists Phase:  20 finalists—10 senior males and 10 senior females—from every state and the District of Columbia advance to “State Finalists”
  3. State Winners Phase:  One senior male and one senior female from each state and the District of Columbia are selected as “State Winners
  4. National Finalist Phase:  A judging panel will select “12 National Finalists” from the 102 State Winners

Since 1994, the Wendy’s High School Heisman Program has honored more than 350,000 applications and 216 National Finalists and 36 National Winners in partnership with the Heisman Memorial Trophy Committee, according to an online description of the program.

Like The Heisman Memorial Trophy, the Wendy’s program supports the pursuit of athletic and academic excellence with integrity.

In addition to recognition at school and state levels, six female and six male national finalists will receive an all-expenses paid trip to New York City to attend the Wendy’s High School Heisman Awards Ceremony and college Heisman Memorial Trophy Award presentation with their families in
December. In New York, Wendy’s representatives announced National High School Heisman Winners during a broadcast on ESPN networks.


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