Who Was Wrong in Nasty Email Exchange Between GOP Senator and Wildwood Resident?

The Riverfront Times recounted the exchange after the Wildwood man shared his email exchange with Missouri State Sen. Brian Nieves.

UPDATE: With a link to Bart Cohn's comments to Eureka-Wildwood Patch on Facebook.

Missouri State Sen. Brian Nieves hit the headlines of the Riverfront Times alternative newspaper this week after it revealed the details of a nasty email exchange the senator had with Wildwood man Bart Cohn.

You can judge for yourself who you think was in the wrong in the exchange.

Nieves, a Republican whose 26th district includes parts of West St. Louis County (including Wildwood) and Franklin County, received this email from Cohn, who was apparently on a mass email list from Nieves' office: "Take me off your mailing list. Freak."

The exchange started there and escalated. , responded to ask if Cohn was "incapable of communicating in a way that common, decent people do," according to the exchange published in the RFT.

Cohn's emails said he "despised" the senator and chided Nieves to "act like a big boy." Nieves in turn called Cohn a "troll," and accused him of harassing him.

UPDATE: Bart Cohn responded in the comments below and also about the episode on our Facebook page. 

Take a look for yourself and tell us what you think of the exchange. 

Angelina Vitale April 25, 2013 at 06:28 PM
Travis, How do you plan on questioning Nieves about his understanding of Common Core Standards when you admit that you know very little about them? Would that place you in the same "category" as all of those "uniformed voters out in Franklin County" that you tend to reference? Or are you just far superior and informed based on your address, regardless of your knowledge of the issues? Do yourself a favor... get informed... learn exactly who benefits from Common Core... and who loses. You might find that you and Senator Nieves are not as far apart on the "fringes" about this issue as you think.
Travis Bickle April 25, 2013 at 06:56 PM
Wildwood.....You make an excellent point. If I were more informed on the Common Core Standards I might agree with Nieves. I will study that today and show up tonight to ask him questions. I'm not superior to anyone that I know of just because of my address. I am a bit more informed IMHO of many issues than many of Nieves followers or he would not be a senator right now. Neither have I ever been accused of beating anyone or pulling a gun on them or Facebook stalking another person. They do not write about me in the Huffington Post like I am a hillbilly with an i pod or whatever it is called.... THAT sir, IMHO makes me a boatload "better" than senator snowjob. Maybe better than you if you buy into his foolishness. Just look at the conspiracy crap he has sponsored this session. The guy has no answers to problems, he creates "straw men" to knock down to look as if he is doing something. Take off your tin foil hat and think.
Angelina Vitale April 25, 2013 at 07:19 PM
Travis, I'm sorry but you are neither better than those who live in Franklin County nor better than those who share differing opinions than you, including me. The politicians and/or issues that an individual supports does not define a person's worth or a person's level of information. I appreciate that you plan to research Common Core Standards. And I really hope that you determine your own stance and not just fall in line with many who simply support a candidate or party, regardless of that candidate's or party's views. As a reminder to all of us, we do not need to support or oppose an issue based on our favorite politician. Common Core is too serious for the citizens with far reaching implications to our children and youth to allow politics to split us on common sense. And I'm very sincere on that statement. All of us need to rise above extremist propaganda from both sides of this issue. Oh, and I'm actually a mom, and not a Sir. ;-)
Travis Bickle April 25, 2013 at 08:19 PM
.It is a good thing to formulate your own opinion and to not support or oppose an issue based on a particular politician. I wish Mr. Nieves would consider that when the Republicans vote on the Affordable Healthcare Exchanges here in Missouri. The Federal government will set them up anyway.Look at the gun legislation proposed by the Republicans.Federal law will supercede any state law.Saying Missouri will not enforce Federal gun laws will just cost taxpayers MONEY.. Look at the big deal over the DOR files that were not even opened.. I wish Brian Nieves had followed your advice before he put out videos saying "This is our country, Barack Hussein Obama and your liberal ilk" and put out videos on You Tube of him holding an AR-15 and calling it a "Nancy Pelosi Special". Those statements seem to suggest that Brian will not support any Democratic or Progressive agenda and might even be hostile to them. Let us look at your statement...."The politicians and/or issues that an individual supports does not define a person's worth or a person's level of information" Does that really mean anything in light of what Brian has done in videos and published statements over the years? How about going to ALEC meetings? Are those guys neutral?. I would think that a person's level of information would make a good person propose good, useful law. That level of information would come from reading different views. I think a person's worth is determined by his intent. I think Brian is suspect in intent
Travis Bickle April 25, 2013 at 08:32 PM
Wildwood Mom.....Just one more look at that statement you made. "The politicians and/or issues that an individual supports does not define a person's worth or a person's level of information" I take exception. If you support politicians that are corrupt then I would think it would have some sort of reflection on your worth. If you support politicians that adhere to views that are inherently harmful or wasteful then I would think it would reflect on your level of information and your worth as a good citizen.....especially if you know the politician is corrupt and the policies are wasteful or harmful. We owe each other the best government. One that is good for us all. If we vote hate, we breed our own destruction. Watch Brian's videos and tell me he is a guy who believes in finding the middle ground, one that is good for all citizens.


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