Where Did Todd Akin Vote for Primary?

Some inquiring minds among Patch readers want to know exactly where U.S. Republican Senator candidate Todd Akin cast his vote after he edged out two others for the Republican slot...

Given the interest in primary elections Tuesday evening, some Patch readers on Wednesday already :  Where did U.S. Senate candidate and resident Todd Akin physically vote? [See reader comment in linked article]

The inquiry about Akin's voting poll location comes due to questions raised during March 2011 about his official residency—which reportedly was Wildwood since 2009—compared to a second home located in Town & Country where voting records indicated he had been voting.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Akin cast a ballot in Town & Country 10 times after he and his wife, Lulli, purchased the Wildwood home at the end of 2007. He also voted in in Town & Country for the April municipal election last year.

Both addresses for the two residences were within Akin's 2nd Congressional District. But laws indicate voters must cast their ballots in the specific jurisdiction where they live. After the voting location questions surfaced, Akin staffers explained that Akin's family was making a long transition away from the family's multi-generation home to the one owned in Wildwood.

The answer to where Akin voted Tuesday? Akin spokesman Steve Taylor verified it was at the Wildwood-based polling place hosted by , 18820 Highway 100.

Candidates face three months of being closely watched. Because Akin has taken several firm stands on voter fraud since he was elected in 2000, some voters carefully assessed Akin's own voting measures. During 2006, he voted for a measure to require voters in federal elections to show photo identification. In 2002, he vocally supported an earlier voter identification proposal pushed by then-Sen. Kit Bond.

And, of course, Akin's Democratic opponent is watching. As reported Wednesday by The Daily Beast, not even 24 hours after Akin won the Missouri Senate primary, incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill launched a website pointing to Akin's most extreme conservative views.

Denise Bertacchi August 08, 2012 at 10:28 PM
If both homes are in the district...then what's the issue?
Jean Whitney August 08, 2012 at 11:30 PM
I suspect it's kind of like Federal tax law? One place has to be declared a primary residence, the one where you spend most of your time.
jimmiebigballs August 08, 2012 at 11:34 PM
Poor Claire....just looking to throw the mud and do some slinging early. Pathetic she represents us in DC.
Don August 11, 2012 at 03:52 AM
I cringe at the thought of having a radical reactionary like Todd Akin represent Missouri in the Senate. This guy is trying his best to undue everything that made America great and follows the lead of ALEC in lockstep with the other lemmings in his party. ALEC's plan - everything for the wealthy at the cost of the middleclass - they'll just have to fend for themselves.


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