Super 8 Motel Retaining Walls Need Repair Or Else

Safety is the question. Eureka Board of Aldermen have requested necessary work on the retaining walls surrounding a motel located off of Fifth Street, or the motel's permit to operate could be in jeopardy.

Most of the retaining walls on the Super 8 Motel property, 1733 West Fifth Street, in Eureka are potentially problematic to some extent, with respect to their level of deterioration or structural integrity, said Eureka City Administrator Craig Sabo. 

The motel's special use permit was up for review at the Dec. 18 board of aldermen meeting.

Peter Patel, representing the motel, then attended the Jan. 15 board meeting to discuss the condition of the retaining walls, because it was on the agenda for "possible revocation."

Patel said he was working on the walls, particularly the exterior appearance concerns but needed additional time—for purposes of cash flow—possibly until April or May, according to city board meeting minutes.

City Attorney Kathy Butler asked Patel if inspections were being requested as the work was proceeding; he said they were.

Butler said a recent report identified a bowing wall on the east side of the property, and she suggested a structural engineer inspect it and provide a report as to its integrity.

The retaining wall for which the engineering report was requested is along the motel's eastern property line, which borders the Eden Community Church property, said Sabo.

Sabo said the retaining wall by the swimming pool is, to the best of his knowledge, the only one the motel's managers have had reconstructed. "However, they did so without permits and inspections, so we do not yet know if it was properly constructed."

At the Jan. 15 board meeting, following a general aldermanic discussion, aldermen voted unanimously to give Patel until the Feb. 19 board meeting to provide a structural engineer’s report on the retaining wall on the east side of the property, which adjoins the Eden Community Church. At that meeting, they said a determination would be made regarding the time to be permitted for the repair of all retaining walls on the property.

According to city sources, Patel submitted pictures of a retaining wall at another commercial location, which was in a deteriorated condition. Butler said that matter was currently in the Eureka court system.

At the Feb. 19 meeting, Patel attended and handed a set of paperwork over to Eureka Mayor Kevin Coffey. Aldermen decided to table the issue until the next board meeting to give Sabo and other city officials time to review the new paperwork just shared.


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