St. Louis County Vote Today: Aug. 7 Primary Election Ballot

LAST CHANCE—POLLS CLOSE AT 7 P.M. so there's only 6 more hours to cast your vote for primary candidates and issues at your polling place Tuesday. Share your predictions in the comments' section.

Candidates and issues on the ballot in the Aug. 7 primary elections in the , and St. Louis County areas.

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Constitutional Amendment No. 2

Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to ensure:

  • That the right of Missouri citizens to express their religious beliefs shall not be infringed;
  • That school children have the right to pray and acknowledge God voluntarily
    in their schools; and
  • That all public schools shall display the Bill of Rights of the United States

It is estimated this proposal will result in little or no costs or savings for state and local governmental entities.

YES           NO

U.S. Senator (Democrat)
Six-year term

  • Claire McCaskill

U.S. Senator (Republican)
Six-year term

  • Todd Akin
  • Jerry Beck
  • Sarah Steelman
  • John G. Brunner
  • Mark Memoly
  • Mark Patrick Lodes
  • Robert (Bob) Poole
  • Hector Maldonado

U.S. Senator (Libertarian)
Six-year term

  • Jonathan Dine 

Governor (Democrat)
Four-year term

  • Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon
  • Clay Thunderhawk
  • William B. Campbell

Governor (Republican)
Four-year term

  • John D. Weiler
  • David (Dave) Spence
  • Bill Randles
  • Fred Sauer

Governor (Libertarian)
Four-year term

  • Jim Higgins

Lieutenant Governor (Democrat)
Four-year term

  • Susan Montee
  • Dennis Weisenburger
  • Fred Kratky
  • Becky Lee Plattner
  • Judy Baker
  • Sara Lampe
  • Jackie Townes McGee
  • Bill (William) Haas

Lieutenant Governor (Republican)
Four-year term

  • Charles W. Cullmann
  • Brad Lager
  • Peter Kinder
  • Mike Carter

Lieutenant Governor (Libertarian)
Four-year term

  • Matthew Copple

Lieutenant Governor (Constitution)
Four-year term

  • Cynthia L. Davis

Secretary of State (Democrat)
Four-year term

  • Jason Kander
  • MD Rabbi Alam

Secretary of State (Republican)
Four-year term

  • Scott Rupp
  • Shane Schoeller
  • Bill Stouffer

Secretary of State (Libertarian)
Four-year term

  • Cisse W. Spragins

Secretary of State (Constitution)
Four-year term

  • Justin Harter

State Treasurer (Democrat)
Four-year term

  • Clint Zweifel

State Treasurer (Republican)
Four-year term

  • Cole McNary

State Treasurer (Libertarian)
Four-year term

  • Sean O'Toole

Attorney General (Democrat)
Four-year term

  • Chris Koster

Attorney General (Republican)
Four-year term

  • Ed Martin
  • Adam Lee Warren

Attorney General (Libertarian)
Four-year term

U.S. Representative – District 2 (Democrat)
Two-year term

  • Marshall Works
  • George (Boots) Weber
  • Harold Whitfield
  • Glenn Koenen

U.S. Representative – District 2 (Republican)
Two-year term

  • John Morris
  • Ann Wagner
  • James O. Baker
  • Randy Jotte

U.S. Representative – District 2 (Libertarian)
Two-year term

  • Bill Slantz

U.S. Representative – District 2 (Constitution)
Two-year term

  • Anatol Zorikova

State Representative - District 110 (Republican)

  • Timothy W. Jones

State Senator - District 1 - (Republican)

  • Jim Lembke

State Senator - District 1 - (Democrat)

  • Sue Schoemehl
  • Scott Sifton

State Senator - District 15 - (Republican)

  • Eric Schmitt

Meramec Township Committeewoman  (Republican)

  • Rene A. Artman

Meramec Township Committeewoman  (Democrat)

  • Vicki Biggs

Wild Horse Township Committeeman (Republican)

  • Dennis Broadbooks
  • Ken Newhouse

Chesterfield Township

Check back with Patch for ongoing and complete results from the primary election.


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