St. Albans Speed Limit Reduced

Council members wish Missouri Department of Transportation managers would do more to improve narrow, winding road.

Slow down.

That’s the message to drivers on St. Albans Road in the far western part of . Monday night, the Wildwood city council members voted unanimously to reduce the speed limit from 55 to 50 mph. The new, lower maximum takes effect immediately from Woodstone Trail Drive all the way to the western city limits at Franklin County.

Wildwood director of public works told council members other safety measures, such as improving sight lines, would not come soon. St. Albans Road, also known as Missouri Route T, is maintained by the . MoDOT has no money in the budget for extensive work on the road, but will send a crew to check for overhanging branches and other problems.

St. Albans Road, a mostly two-lane route, runs from Manchester Road and Missouri Route 100 through the mostly rural part of Wildwood. It has seen increasing amounts of traffic as new subdivisions have been developed.


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