Speed Bumps Hit 'Road Blocks' in Wildwood

Members of Wildwood's Board of Public Safety recommended unanimously to establish more speed cushions in another portion of the city, but not all residents are in agreement.

Speed cushions installed last year at Green Pines Drive in Wildwood were considered successful in reducing speeds and overall safety.

City staffers recently received a request to install similar speed cushions on nearby Forest Leaf Parkway at Evergreen Forest Drive.

Wildwood City Engineer and Director of Public Works Ryan Thomas said lanes at the targeted area recently were narrowed, but "speeding still remains a concern."

"Speeds tend to pick up traveling down the long grade approaching this area from the south," he said.

Members of Wildwood's Board of Public Safety unanimously approved installing these new speed cushions at the group's Feb. 7 meeting. Thomas said traffic calming funds from the city's budget were allocated for the project.

However, when Thomas presented the project to Wildwood city council members at Monday evening's meeting, the idea met scrutiny and lack of support from some. Council members relayed input they received from residents. 

Thomas said the project will be revisited at the next Board of Public Safety meeting on March 7.

Besides three locations of speed cushions on Green Pines Drive, Thomas said there is one location on Old Fairway Drive, just north of Fairway Elementary School.


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