Prices for Future Eureka Recreational Center Revealed

The Timbers facility being built in Eureka will have different hours for the building versus the aquatic complex.

While progress is being made on the recreational center under construction in Eureka, proposed usage prices for facility—now being called The Timbers—were unveiled at the Eureka Town Hall meeting Thursday night.

Eureka Mayor Kevin Coffey told town hall attendees the recreational center was still on scheduled to open by mid-July. He said the planned prices for The Timbers' family rate are half of what the family rate costs at the Wildwood Family YMCA.

Some residents wish an indoor pool that could be used year-round was part of the amenities of the new rec center, but city officials said the costs involved didn't allow for it until perhaps the future: No Indoor Pool at Eureka Recreation Center Has Some Not Splashing for Joy

Coffey said an indoor pool could be a part of an expansion as the area grows in population and the center is successful. "We can add an indoor pool if we feel it's viable."

Another component that residents are asking about is an indoor trail. Coffey said they instead opted to build an over-sized gym, which can accommodate two volleyball or basketball courts at the same time. He said outdoor trails are in the works.

Missy Bundren, director of the Eureka Parks and Recreation Department, said staffers had analyzed the membership fees of many neighboring rec centers before recommending a cost structure for The Timbers. She said the suggested prices definitely are competitive.

Annually Monthly Annually Monthly Adult $350 $30 $450 $37.50 Family $550 $46 $750 $62.50 Senior $250 $21 $350 $30 Senior Couple $450 $37.50 $650 $55

A daily fee also will be offered:  adult residents $7; youth residents $6; and senior residents $5. The daily fee for non-residents will be adult $9; youth $8; and senior $7.

A 20-visit pass will be available, too:  adult residents $100; youth residents $85; senior residents $75. The same pass for non-residents will be adult $125; youth $95; and senior $85.

Annual corporate memberships will be $400 to an adult or $650 for a family. The monthly corporate fee will be $34 for an adult and $55 for a family.

Coffey said bids are currently out for pool management services. "Once we know which winning service has received the bid, anyone interested in being a life guard can apply directly to that company."

He also said city officials made it clear they prefer local hiring.

Coffey said the Eureka Community Center will remain open after The Timbers opens, especially to host more rigorous events such as Pine Wood Derbys, and will be available to rent.

srsly April 15, 2013 at 03:02 PM
noon seems like a late start for folks with kids home all summer, Ballwin's hours for example: Facility Hours: Monday - Friday 5:15 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Saturday 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Sunday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Carleen Murray April 16, 2013 at 03:16 AM
I am very disappointed in The Timbers. As stated in the above article, "...a study done for Eureka by a third-party source identified more needs for other rec center components, compared to an indoor pool." How much did this third-party study cost? Why pay a third-party source for this information? Why not simply ask the people of Eureka, the people that will be using the facility? A quick poll of Eureka's residents could have provided more tailored information and would have been more inclusive of the residents. Many of the residents that I have spoken with feel that we have been left in the dark in regards to The Timbers. Also, the money saved from not using the third-party source could have been put toward “other rec center components.” It is my understanding that the city has been collecting tax dollars, a specific rec center tax, for several years in order to help fund this rec center. I’m curious to know how many tax dollars the city has received for this rec center and where exactly the money has gone. It would be nice to know how this money has been spent. An actual report, not just hear say or approximations. Perhaps a report like this is already available and I am simply not aware. If you know of one, please let me know.......(see next post)
Carleen Murray April 16, 2013 at 03:16 AM
...(see previous post)... Mayor Coffey and Missy Bundren state that one of the reasons for the high membership costs is the costs of operations and upkeep. If the membership rate is lowered more households would be able to obtain membership therefore increase the overall income of The Timbers. For example 1,000 households x $550 yearly membership = $550,000 or 2,000 households x $300 yearly membership = $600,000. The Timbers seems to be compared to the Wildwood YMCA a lot. I want to clarify that the YMCA does not receive tax dollars to help support the facility. Therefore, the cost of membership is expected to be more so than that of a city recreation center. The Timbers should be compared to other recreation centers in close proximity to the City of Eureka. For example, River Chase, in Fenton. Yes, River Chase is quite a bit older. However, the condition of their facility remains to be very well kept and up to date while still making it affordable to residents and non-residents......(see next post)...
Carleen Murray April 16, 2013 at 03:17 AM
...(see previous post)... Another concern of mine is the maintenance and upkeep of The Timbers. Who is going to be doing the maintenance and upkeep? Will it be any of the Public Works employees or any other city workers? If so, how will they be paid? Will The Timbers be paying the same utility rates (water, trash, electric surcharge to the city) as other businesses or will it be subsidized by the Eureka residents, member or not. What are the options for families during winter months? This is supposed to be all about community; however, what options are available at The Timbers for children during the months of September through May? Also, how is the opening of The Timbers going to affect the cost of programs such as Tae Kwon Do, Gymnastics, and Aerobics etc…? It has been stated that these issues will be addressed later as they are still being finalized. However, is this just a way to keep the residents of Eureka in the dark?
Pete Beaugard May 26, 2013 at 07:45 PM
If the decision to exclude an indoor poll was made because of cost I guess I have to understand the decisision. The proposed membership fees should reflect this decision. As a resident of Eureka, I paid a nonresident senior fee of 240.00 for Riverchase in Fenton. I believe the resident senior fee for a Fenton resident is 175.00. Eureka is asking me to pay a senior resident fee of 250.00. I don't think that 75.00 more for les is a good decision on Eureka's part. 75.00 less would be more appropriate.


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