Meet Eureka Alderman: Don Beckerle

Financial planner built career and life here. This is the sixth and last feature regarding profiles of all six Eureka board of aldermen. Patch thanks each one for sharing personal details!

When Don Beckerle was delivering newspapers as a young boy in south St. Louis, he probably didn’t think about a career path that led down Interstate 44. But once he arrived in Eureka, he was here to stay.

“I started my first and current job here in 1988,” said Beckerle, who moved to Eureka to found , which provides insurance and financial planning and specializes in marketing, enrolling and administering voluntary insurance programs. In 2008 he ran for Ward 3 Alderman “to stay more in touch with activity within the city."

Since moving to Eureka, Beckerle and his wife, Sherry, started a family, which includes son Josh and daughter Julia, as well as their dog, Coda. One of Beckerle’s favorite activities is fishing, and father and son share a special bond over fishing, with an every-other-year trip to Canada a favorite vacation activity. A more regular pastime is golfing at , and settling down with one of author Vince Flynn’s political thrillers.

But there’s one activity where his south St. Louis roots come through. “I’m a south St. Louis lover, ” Beckerle said proudly. “I still claim the best Imo’s location is on South Hampton.”

For this topic, Beckerle lines up with fellow Alderman , who has a fondness for the Imo’s thin crust special. The two of them face off against and , the pro- (Ristorante) side on Eureka's board.


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