Flier Tries to Rally Residents Against Proposed U-Gas

Traffic, safety and property concerns trigger a grassroots effort against the development of a proposed gas station and convenience store in Kirkwood.

Residents living near 915 North Kirkwood Rd. who didn't know that U-Gas is trying to build a gas station and convenience store at the location likely do now.

During the weekend, a flier criticizing the development effort showed up in residents' mailboxes. The flier's authors are unknown, but its message is clear.

"We are very concerned about the negative effect this development could have on our neighborhood," the flier says.

It is attributed to residents on Wilson, Sarah and North Clay avenues in Kirkwood. The proposed site of the U-Gas is between Wilson and Sarah avenues on North Kirkwood Road.

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"The issue most dear to us is public safety. But traffic, pollution and loss in property values are of great concern," the flier says.

A gas station and convenience store at the location could have an adverse effect on everyone living within the borders of Manchester Road, Geyer Road, Peeke Avenue and Kirkwood Road, according to the flier. The document notes that the impact of the expanded Mobil station at Geyer and Manchester roads still is unknown.

"The fear is that traffic will funnel down Simmons and Wilson and cause dangerous conditions for residents," says the flier which refers to a previous article on Kirkwood Patch that notes the number of gas stations in the area.

(See previous article: Are There Too Many Gas Stations in Kirkwood?)

The flier says that residents with children who walk to Tillman Elementary School or North Kirkwood Middle School should be concerned about the development. There also is the fear that drivers will use Kirkwood side streets as cut-throughs if the U-Gas is built.

"The reality is that at certain times of the day, drivers will have trouble making lefts in and out of this U-Gas station. Being resourceful, they will find ways around it and that means cutting down Sarah and Wilson," the flier says.

The document urges residents to attend a meeting of the Kirkwood Planning and Zoning Commission Nov. 7 when certain commissioners will present a report based on a on-site review to the Commission.

The flier ends with a call to arms.

"Please join us in protecting our neighborhood. Contact your neighbors and get involved. Make your opinion known, ask questions, voice your concerns. This is the only way we are going to make a difference," the flier says.


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Editor's Note: Kirkwood Patch would like to talk with the authors of the flier. Email owen.skoler@patch.com.

Lou Malnassy October 31, 2012 at 02:15 PM
A gas station on Kirkwood Road at Wilson makes far more sense than the Mobil station that's being shoehorned in at Manchester and Geyer. On top of the potential traffic problems, that project forced established local businesses to close. The U-Gas proposal simply repurposes an abandoned parking lot.


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