Eureka Recreational Center Progresses

Construction crew manager says the new center is about five months away from completion. Some budgetary changes are outstanding, however, and likely will be presented at the next Eureka Board of Aldermen meeting.

The goal is to finish and open the new Eureka Recreation Center by the Fourth of July, said Brian Guccione, project manager with Wright Construction, at Tuesday evening's Eureka Board of Aldermen meeting.

The new center is located on the east side of Missouri Route 109, just south of Interstate 44. The site is on the hill behind Creative Expressions Learning Center and the Legends Corporate Shopping Center.

Guccione told aldermen the gym roof was completed, and that they expected to be able to start on the rest of the building's roof next week. "The roof will take at least two weeks to finish, so perhaps by the end of February," he said.

Tuesday, the crew poured the second-floor slabs, and will proceed to the gym and first-floor slab shortly, said Guccione.

He also said they basically were passed the permitting stage, and mainly into the inspection phase. "The pool piping is being tested by county inspectors, and we will start more structural framing next week, which likely will take a month," he said.

Aldermen asked about any weather delays. Guccione said the crew had used 18 of their allotted 30 no-work weather days so far. "If we have a dry summer like last year, we should be OK."

Alderman Shannon Britt, Ward 3, asked him if there were any budgetary concerns. He said there were some budgetary changes still outstanding that needed the city's approval. City administrator Craig Sabo said the project design team, city staffers and construction crew had been discussing select options, and that he would present an update at the next board of aldermen meeting.

Two local electricians working on the center also were in attendance at Tuesday's meeting.

Guccione said the contract indicates a mid-July completion date; occupancy by the city will depend on final permit approvals.

Specific fees and policies are not yet available for the facility, but the 30,000-square-foot building will contain the following amenities:

  • Fitness center with cardio and strength equipment
  • Group exercise room
  • Locker rooms with saunas
  • Full-size gymnasium
  • Two meeting rooms capable of being combined into a one larger room
  • Full kitchen
  • Flexible multipurpose room
  • Tot care room
  • Parks and Recreation offices
  • Outdoor pool with diving board, lap swimming lanes, leisure pool with beachfront entry, waterfall, current channel and slide
  • Concession stand
  • Wet party room

Aldermen Don Beckerle, Ward 3, said he had received some comments from concerned residents regarding a noticeable amount of dirt being tracked from the construction site onto surrounding roads. Guccione said to address that, they had moved a rumble strip for knocking off dirt from truck tires up closer to the site.

d.r.nelson March 05, 2013 at 07:10 PM
d.r. I've talked to both of my aldermen about this recreation facility not having an indoor walking/jogging track above the basketball court. This would give elder patrons a needed excersize ability. Their awnser was, to run around the basketball court. Can you imagine a group of walkers/joggers doing that while other events are on the court ?? Anoher answer was to use the new walking trail from here to the river. How can this be used at 10 degrees,snowing, raining 95 degrees ? Where are the bathroom facilities on the trail ? Seems like the city fathers didn't think about the Old Timers who have lived here for years. We need a place for walking !!! Whats $400,000.00 to Eureka ? Do it before you can't.
chris March 25, 2013 at 05:04 PM
I agree walking /jogging would be nice, and have heard alot of people complain there is no indoor pool. Just wondering why a survey wasn't sent to the city of Eureka residents regarding what they would like and use!
Carleen Murray April 23, 2013 at 02:21 AM
Unfortunately, they paid a third party for information. That's a shame because the residents would have given them the information of what is important to us for FREE. Write a letter to the BOA because I have been told that not many people are complaining. I'm guessing unless it is in writing they are not considering it a complaint?? Not really sure. A lot of people that I have spoken with are upset with the facility not having an indoor pool or track. Also, it is unfortunate that we are being asked to pay at least $200 more/year per family than any other city recreation center in the area. It doesn't matter that it is cheaper than the YMCA because the Y doesn't receive tax dollars to help support it!


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