Blockbuster To Become Library

Eureka library lovers finally will get a little more room in which to temporarily spread out.

The vacated Blockbuster Video building in Eureka already has a night-drop slot—perfect for dropping off library books, right? Why is this so perfect? Well, a deal has been struck to temporarily move the into that vacant, but larger, building until a new, permanent library can be built in future years.

Eureka Mayor Kevin Coffey told Town Hall attendees Wednesday evening that the former video store building would be leased for five years.

The video store building is one mile west of the library's current location. The building, at 156 Eureka Towne Center, is 6,500 square feet and nearly twice the size of the current location, said Carolyn Parmer, head of the new library's grassroots effort referenced as The Eureka Project.

Eureka Hills is a branch of The St. Louis County Library system.

Recently, Eureka and St. Louis County Library representatives started discussing the possibility of the city’s proposed gift of land to the Library system for the new Eureka branch. The land, which is part of the future Eureka Recreation Center project, is located at 645 Eureka Rd.

Once an agreement about that permanent library location is finalized, a joint public announcement will be made by both entities, said Parmer in a news release today.

She said The Eureka Project members have been working since last fall to provide support and accelerate the timeframe of bringing a new library to Eureka. 

“The announcement of the move to a larger space, and the proposed location of the new library demonstrates the commitment of the Library to the needs of the community. The new space will bring a larger collection and more space for programs and other services,” said Parmer.

She said the project’s vision is for a new Eureka Library with a robust children's area, a teen center, genealogy and local history section, comprehensive adult collection and a technology center.

The move to the former video store is expected to be completed by this fall. 

Membership dues and other funds contributed to The Eureka Project are being held at the County Library Foundation in an account designated for the Eureka Library. 

Doris July 08, 2011 at 12:53 PM
The article states that the Blockbuster bldg will be leased for 5 years, but no mention is made about who is paying for the lease. That is, payments made from: City of Eureka tax funds, or the STLCO Library district tax base?
Janet July 08, 2011 at 01:27 PM
It is good to see that Eureka is moving the library to a larger area as well as utilizing one of our empty buildings in our community. Our family enjoys the library and the staff there as well. Some additional questions, will this be a home for the library for five years? Why is there talk of moving the library again and to a new building instead of again utilizing an empty building in Eureka? How about utilizing the old Schnucks location? Or utilize part of the new development by the Hilltop Subdivision, which has set empty for too long? Why in the world does our community have to continue to build and then leave both new and old building empty. Thank you for considering all of our community's options.
Debra Vitale July 08, 2011 at 02:43 PM
This is great news! I have been to many libraries in the US and the Eureka Hills branch is definitely the smallest! Thank you to everyone who made this happen!
Julie Brown Patton July 08, 2011 at 04:09 PM
Jennifer McBride, communications manager, St. Louis County Library, said the County Library will pay the new rent, as they do for the current location.
Carolyn Parmer July 09, 2011 at 12:04 PM
We are also excited to have a quick solution to the space needs of the Eureka library by the move to a building with nearly twice the space. The permanent building is projected to be about 18,000 square feet, three times the size of the new location! Plans are to provide Eureka with a separate area for children's programs, an area for teens, a technology room, significantly increased collection of books for all ages, a larger audio collection and meeting rooms for groups such as book clubs. Many different locations were explored. The Schnuck's building was also included and a number of factors eliminated it, such as the size. The proposed location, with the gift of a parcel of the land next to the Recreation Center, will give the Library the ability to share parking, meeting space and other amenities. By building, the Library can be designed to meet the future needs of the community. Keep watching the Patch for updates as The Eureka Project moves forward. Carolyn Parmer The Eureka Project.....bringing a new library to Eureka


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