Al Foster Memorial Trailhead Users Surveyed

Users of this popular trail in Wildwood, plus local residents, were asked for feedback regarding proposed improvements. See which of the 40 suggested attributes were deemed most desirable.

Parking at the Al Foster Trailhead in Wildwood is the No. 1 issue of concern, based on survey respondents, as presented by Wildwood's director of planning and parks Joe Vujnich to city council members at Monday's meeting.

Vujnich said surveys were sent to 75 property owners near the trail. In addition, surveys were made available at the trailhead and on the city's website to anyone who wanted to complete them.

He told council members nine resident and 209 user surveys were returned.

Regarding amenities the trailhead lacks, Vujnich said the items receiving the highest responses were:

  • Parking (45 percent)
  • Shade Structure (22 percent)
  • Trash Receptable (20 percent)
  • Picnic Tables (17 percent)
  • Bike Racks (14 percent)
  • Drinking Fountain (13 percent)
  • Restrooms (10 percent)

Regarding existing amenities that need to be changed, upgraded or modified, restrooms were mentioned by 48 percent of respondents and parking lot by 31 percent.

Vujnich said it was important to note a large number of respondents indicated the current facility met their needs and didn't require any improvements.

Based on feedback, current plans are to pursue the following through Planning and Zoning Commissioners in November:

  1. Provide a public water source to the trailhead area to accommodate a permanent restroom facility and water fountain.
  2. Expand the parking area to accommodate additional spaces.
  3. Provide additional amenities, such as a large shade structure, picnic tables, trash receptacles and bicycle racks.
Julie Belzer September 28, 2012 at 01:12 AM
The trail is one of the best places to enjoy the beauty of nature. I hope the city will continue to preserve its serenity.


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