Warning: Playing on Ice Could Be Deadly

Area police officers remind everyone that children who play on ice during Missouri winters are taking on a huge risk. Last night, emergency crews had to check out a potential instance.

Eureka police and firefighters spent more than three hours Sunday evening checking a hole that had been cut into a lake area at the subdivision in Eureka, for fear that children may have been endangered.

Walking on frozen-over ponds or lakes during Missouri winters is simply risky, at best.

Lt. David Wilson, of the , said last night there initially was some concern that a child may have fallen through the hole.  He said they submersed a camera to ensure no one was located near the hole.

"There are some areas that the water gets thick enough to walk upon, but in general, Missouri's not a good place to trust frozen water, because the temperatures go up and down quite a bit," said Wilson.

He said they do not recommend area children should play on local, nature ice spots.  "Generally, it doesn't get cold enough here to avoid what would be a huge tragedy," he said.

Authorities' investigation eventually revealed no injuries or missing persons.


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