Smoke Detectors will be Checked Saturday

Saturday reflects the 26th annual Smoke Detector Day held in the Eureka Fire Protection District. Look at how many alarms and batteries have been donated and installed in homes since the initiative was started.

Eureka Fire Protection District firefighters will visit a specific area of the district Saturday, Nov. 3, to check smoke detectors. This event is done twice each year to concede with daylight saving time, said Deputy Chief Randy Gabel.

Firefighters and team members will go door-to door on Jim Weber Road and roads located off of that area this year to ask homeowners if their smoke detectors are working. Firefighters will ask to come in and inspect the smoke detectors, said Gabel. "If a new battery is needed, one will be installed. If the home does not have a working smoke detector, a new one will be installed for free," he said.

"To date we have visited over 2862 homes, installed 429 smoke alarms and given out 888 batteries."

The smoke detectors were donated by Tech Electronics, Fire Master, and The Bibb Agency-Allstate Insurance, and the batteries donated by Energizer.

This year Eureka SAR, and Eureka C.E.R.T. members also will assist in this lifesaving effort.

"Remember on Saturday night when you change your clock, please change your battery on your smoke detectors," said Gabel. Fresh batteries can be obtained for smoke detectors at any of the Eureka Fire Protection District fire stations.

The Eureka Fire Protection District, which is 2012 Missouri Fire Department of the Year, serves Eureka, Wildwood, Allenton, Hoene Springs, Crescent, Southwest St. Louis County, and Northern Jefferson County.


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