Six Flags St. Louis 'Peeping Tom' Was Charged

A 19-year-old male who spied on two teenage girls in a changing room at Six Flags St. Louis on Aug. 8 was charged today for a class D felony. Police said he saw the girls full or partially nude.

The St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office issued warrants on Jeremy M. Bates, of Pacific, for Invasion of Privacy in the Second Degree-Multi Individuals, said Lt. David Wilson, at mid-day Thursday, as related to an incident involving two 13-year-old females that occurred at Six Flags St. Louis in .

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On Aug. 8, at the Six Flags St. Louis Park, Wilson said Bates knowingly viewed the two teenagers in the state of full or partial nudity through a small gap around a door frame of a public dressing room in the water park area of Six Flags. Authorities said the mother of the two girls witnessed Bates watching them while in the dressing room, and reported the incident to Six Flags authorities, who intern contacted the Eureka Police Department.

Bates was an employee of Six Flags at the time of the incident. His bond has not been set.

Wilson said the charge was classified as a class D felony.

At the time of the incident, as Eureka-Wildwood Patch reported via Wilson:  "He (Bates) was not a registered sex predator, and had no prior offenses. He just took advantage of the situation after discovering a crack near the door frame that allowed him to look inside the changing room."


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