Missing Wildwood Person Found in Colorado

POLICE LOG Oct. 15-21: Trespassers on Zombie Road still are being caught prior to Halloween, while credit card fraud occurs in New York for Wildwood card holder.

Following are recent incidences handled by St. Louis County Police Department-Wildwood (6th) Precinct officers:

Oct. 15:

  • A traffic stop on Missouri Route 109 at Westhampton Woods led to the driver being arrested on the suspicion of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and a passenger being issued a summons for Minor in Possession of Alcohol.
  • An identity theft report was made for which a person opened an account with Dish Network with the victim’s social security number.
  • A traffic stop on Manchester Road led to another arrest for suspicion of a DWI.
  • An accident occurred on Missouri Route 100 at Taylor; no injuries resulted.

Oct. 16:

  • Two accidents happened on Missouri Route 109 and Babler Park; no injuries.
  • An accident occurred on Missouri Route 109 and Eatherton; no injury.
  • A reported missing person from Hunters Crest later was found safe in Denver, CO.
  • An accident happened at 17050 Clayton Road, resulting in an injury.

Oct. 17:

  • An accident took place on Clayton and Turnberry Place; no injury.
  • Another accident occurred at Missouri Routes 109 and 100; no injury.

Oct. 18:

  • An accident happened at Missouri Route 100 at Pond; no injury.
  • The debit card number of a victim of fraud was used in New York.
  • Another victim of fraud gave a contractor more than $7,000 for services, which were not performed. No contact can be made with the contractor.

Oct. 19:

  • A resident reported losing her purse in Wildwood.
  • A victim's credit card was stolen at an unknown time and place; she was notified by her credit card company it was fraudulently being used.
  • An accident occurred on Clayton Road, resulting in an injury.
  • An accident happened on Missouri Route 109 and Clayton; no injury.
  • Credit cards were reported stolen from an unknown location.

Oct. 20:

  • An accident happened at 1955 Shepard; no injury.
  • Police investigated the report of a disturbance at a party on Johnnycakes Ridge; a person later was charged with a drug violation.
  • An accident occurred on Dartmouth Crossing; with no injury, however a driver was arrested on the suspicion of DWI and due to an outstanding warrant.
  • A woman told police she was bitten by a dog on Lakefield Place. An Animal Control Officer is following up on the matter.

Oct. 21:

  •  An accident occurred at Missouri Route 109 at Babler Park; no injury.
  •  An accident happened on Clayton and McBride Point; no injury.
  •  Four people were issued summons for trespassing on Wood Hollow Trail, commonly known as Zombie Road.

Details provided in this article were provided by St. Louis County Police Department-Wildwood (6th) Precinct officers.



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