Michelle's Cafe Front Window Shattered in Car Crash

When a driver said he was attempting to park on Central Avenue in Eureka Saturday afternoon, a different outcome occurred. At the time of the collision, several people were inside the building but none sustained injuries.

A 70-year-old Chesterfield resident said he was attempting to park a 2007 Mercedes-Benz in front of Michelle's Cafe Saturday afternoon after traveling north on South Central Avenue, just south of Boccardi Lane. Driver Harry Karagiannis told Eureka Police Department officers he inadvertently depressed the accelerator instead of the brake, which caused the car to lunge forward.

An accident report indicates Karagiannis' car jumped over the concrete curb and onto the sidewalk—striking the metal table and chairs outside of the cafe's front windows. The car continued until it also struck the front of the restaurant's building.

No one was on the sidewalk in the path of the accident, nor seating at the outside table at the time. There were people inside the cafe during the accident, but none reported injuries.

The accident occurred at 12:44 p.m.

Agni Karagiannis, 60, was a passenger in the car. Neither people in the car complained to Eureka Fire Protection District paramedics about injuries, according to authorities.

Damages to the cafe included two 5-by-5-feet windows, the front facade of the building, a glass display shelf, a metal table and three matching chairs, according to the police report.

The car was taken from the scene by Eureka-based Hyndrich Brothers Towing.

Editor's Note: Thanks to a Eureka-Wildwood Patch reader for the tip regarding this accident. Plywood was placed temporarily in the window spot on Sunday, and the restaurant remained opened. When I drove by Michelle's Cafe on Monday, the damaged window was being repaired.


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