High Schools and Their Neighbors Look for Student Parking Solutions

Wildwood has tightened parking restrictions near Lafayette High School.

With a new school year right around the corner, Wildwood is restricting parking in subdivisions near . The City Council took action Tuesday following complaints about Lafayette students parking on subdivision roads during the day. (For a history of this problem see )

Parking is now restricted to three hours during school days to the following streets:

  1. Westglen Farms Drive (Clayton Road to Oak Crest Manor Lane)
  2. Wood Dale Ridge Court
  3. Edge Wood Manor Lane

Lafayette administrators told Patch they’re cooperating with the city to guide students to park only in the school’s lot. Principal John Shaugnessy noted that Lafayette has approximately 730 student parking spaces, more than any other Rockwood District high school, and typically enough space for all juniors and seniors who want to purchase a parking permit.

All Rockwood high schools strongly discourage students from parking anywhere other than their school’s parking lot. Lafayette’s parking policies are communicated to both students and parents on its parking application form and through continuing reminders in its newsletter, AlertNow emails and website.

There are options for students who don’t have a parking permit. Rockwood provides for all students who live at least one-half mile from school. According to Bill Sloan, the district’s director of transportation and purchasing, virtually every high school student in the District is eligible for bus transportation.

In spite of administrators’ efforts, some students may continue to park off-campus. Neighborhood residents should contact their local police department regarding parking concerns

Each high school parking pass costs $180. Parking passes each year are issued during the summer.

Classes begin August 14.

lin August 03, 2012 at 03:38 PM
I've got an idea, unless you need to leave school early how about riding the bus!!!!!!!!


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