Fines for Speeding in I-44 Construction Zone Could Add Up to $650

Remember the construction zone near Eureka during the stretch of Antire Road replacement project is part of the concerted 20-Mile Trooper project until Sunday. Fines

Missouri Highway Patrol Troop C Trooper Al Northum reminds residents and visitors this week and weekend could bring a noticeably heavier traffic flow through the .

Speeding-related fines associated with construction zones come with higher costs.

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Northum encourages drivers to be patient as other travelers with boats, trailers and camping gears squeeze through the area.

Troopers are on high alert for speeding offenses this week as part of their 20-Mile Trooper initiative, through which troopers are stationed at 3-mile intervals along Interstates 44 and 70.

Speeding fines start with a regular citations, which vary due to how much over the posted speed limit a driver is going.

  • Speeding tickets within a construction zone start at $250 and come with an extra $35 fine.
  • Speeding tickets within a construction zone with workers present can add up to $450.

Additional fines can come from issues such as not using seat belts ($10 to $83); not having a drivers' license ($133); not using headlights ($10); motorcycle helmet violations ($25); or failure to have registered vehicles ($83).

"Be viligent, slow down and stay alert," said Northum. "The barbecue will still be there, no matter if you arrive 5 minutes later than you were hoping to."

For more details about the costs of Missouri's traffic-related offenses, go online to the state's Fine Collection Center by clicking here.

$108 $323 6-10 mph over posted speed limit:  $83
$118 $333 11-15 mph over posted speed limit:  $108 $143 $358 16-19 mph over posted speed limit:  $133 $168 $383 20-25 mph over posted speed limit:  $208 $243 $458


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