Accident: PreChristmas Miracle?

VIDEOS CAPTURE CAR RECOVERY: One small hickory tree and a rock ledge prevented this young male driver from taking an icy plunge into a subdivision lake in Eureka.

It was really, really cold around midnight Saturday, and it would've been an awful feeling to rev from an auto into an icy lake. That nearly happened in Eureka at The Forest/Hillington Estates subdivision, located off Hilltop Ridge Road. Workers from the towing company on-site, Hyndrich Towing, said one hickory tree and a rocky ledge stopped a car, which had shot down a hill into the woods, from falling straight into the lake near the subdivision's entrance.

"Just 5 feet more, and the car would have been in the water," said one of the towing personnel at the scene.

Eureka Police Department officers working the accident declined to identify the driver, and only said the wheels of the car appeared to have locked up.

The car was a white Volkswagen Jetta.

Judging from the accident scene, there appeared to be only the driver involved, and no other cars.

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