Something 'Went Very Right' at Rockwood

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: One Rockwood School District parent shares how Superintendent Bruce Borchers responded to her suggestion about Autism Month.

If you aren't aware, April is Autism Awareness Month. I have a son, Ben Hoppe, who is on the Autism Spectrum. He has high-functioning autism/Asperger's Syndrome.  

I was looking at the website and was hoping to see something about it. When I didn't, I sent an email to Dr. (Bruce) Borchers, Superintendent. I mentioned that April was Autism Awareness Month and that it would be nice if they could post something.  

Well, not only did they post something—it was a completely amazing and heartfelt tribute/celebration! They included a video of a little boy who had autism dancing to the song "I Hope You Dance."

In addition, there is a group of children on the Autism Spectrum at Uthoff Valley in Fenton. It showed the group playing together. 

Autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder, impacts the individual's ability to communicate and to read the "mood" of a class and some feelings. This amazing group of elementary students recognized that they were alike in many ways and formed their group. They are shown on the clip playing games together.  

I was so impressed that, not only did Dr. Borchers read my email, he responded in a very timely manner, added the fabulous piece to the main webpage, and emailed me a response thanking me for the idea.  

It was quite special, considering all of the responsibilities he faces each day.

I know that everyone (including myself) is quick to criticize when things don't go well, but I hope you consider adding this to PATCH to show that things do go very right.

Corri Hoppe


Editor's Note:  In another Rockwood school, in Wildwood, they lit up the halls blue by wearing everything light blue on April 2 in support of April being Autism Awareness Month.

William Brown May 04, 2012 at 12:37 PM
Ms. Hoppe, Thanks for your letter. As a recently elected member of the Rockwood Board of Education I have been bombarded by negativism. Having grown up in this area and graduating from Rockwood it is refreshing and hopeful to me that more people will emphasize and realize the vast majority of positive things about a great district. Sincere Thanks--Bill Brown


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