Rockwood Board Candidates Get Key Questions from Coalition

Rockwood Stakeholders for Real Solutions reps pose questions to Rockwood School District board candidates regarding staff, educational needs, accountability, transparency and fiscal support as well as community needs and issues.

Rockwood School District's four board candidates—Janet Strate, Steve Banton, Loralee Mondl and Jeffrey Morrell—recently received four, key questions from Rockwood Stakeholders for Real Solutions, a patron's advocacy group.

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RS for RS co-founder Eileen Tyrrell said candidates were asked to limit their answers to 100 words or less, and to submit them no later than Feb. 25.

The questions from RS for RS are:

  1. Do you believe the district is top heavy, and if so, how would you balance out the staffing or other modes of operation, so monies can be spent on direct instruction and support for the students? Example:  While administrators have support staff and communications and marketing have consultants, Rockwood teachers face increased class sizes and no full-time aides.

  2. Now it has been made public that questionable business practices, such as construction contracts, credit card charges, and RFPs, were observed and/or overlooked during their watch by past and present members of the Superintendent's Cabinet, how will you, as a director of the board, hold this team accountable for their actions and decisions in the future?

  3. How do you anticipate garnering and retaining support of the retired Rockwood taxpayer who is already forfeiting a month of social security income annually to the Rockwood School District; and how would you do the same for the private school taxpayer who feels they should not have to pay for a public education their children are not receiving?

  4. It appears the High School Late Start Schedule for 2013-2015 was decided with very little feedback from the community. With a decision that greatly impacts every family, how would you, as an elected representative of the people, gather the opinions of those in the community before you vote on such a schedule/program?

From March 16-24, the candidates and their responses are planned to be featured on the front page of the RS for RS website

Rockwood Stakeholders for Real Solutions February 21, 2013 at 11:17 PM
Julie: Thank you for publishing this announcement. RS for RS already has received a set of answers from one of the four candidates.


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