Do Rockwood Patrons Need a Third Party Just to Communicate?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR—Rockwood Stakeholders for Real Solutions: "Please do not leave it up to a few to decide for so many."

Rockwood Citizens and Taxpayers, must engage......again.

At last week’s Board of Education meeting, directors unanimously voted to approve the hiring of the public relationship firm of UNICOM ARC, to engage the community for the purpose of getting a clearer picture of citizen’s priorities when it comes to supporting the district. UNICOM ARC will be the independent facilitator for the Process for Community Engagement developed by Rockwood officials.

Despite your frustration, you must engage once more…. Contact your Board of Education Members and attend the public meetings.

RS for RS is very mindful of the frustration that many in the community feel about yet another engagement process under Dr. Borcher’s leadership; and yet another consultant.  Over the past two years, citizens have given much of their time and effort attending meetings, participating in surveys, discussing with district officials their values and views of what they will and will not support in Rockwood.

Many of you have shared your experiences of working within the system of our district, hoping to make a difference, yet walking away frustrated at being dismissed and discredited by a room full of district officials and supporters who want nothing more than the status quo which is; asking taxpayers for more money. 

We applaud your efforts, and you must engage again.

The difference this time around is the community has Rockwood Stakeholders for Real Solutions to help ensure this is a process about listening to the community and not a process to refocus the community.  Dr. Borchers feels the community has lost their focus on education in Rockwood schools due to a year full of media reports surrounding the operational and fiscal decision-making processes in the district.

RS for RS believes the Rockwood citizens are already focused on education, but are sending a clear message to district leaders; “keep the focus on students and teachers, while at the same time, learn to live within our means”.

 Community engagement processes since July 2010

  1. Fall 2010: Listening and Learning Schedule.   Read  more on Dr. Borchers  Listening, Learning, Leading Plan
  2. Fall 2010: Y12 Guiding Change Process Schedule   read more about the Y12 Budget Planning
  3. Fall 2010:   Community Survey Overview of Data-2010 conducted by UNICOM ARC
  4. Winter 2011:  Y13 Guiding Change Process Schedule  read more about the Y13 Budget Planning
  5. Summer 2011:    Community Survey Overview of Data 2011 conducted by  UNICOM ARC
  6. April 2012:  Prop R ballot measure failed,  losing an additional 10% in support compared to Prop 5 in 2010
  7. April 2012: We want to hear from you, share your feedback an online survey following the ballot measure loss. 

Yet despite all the recent data and input, consultants have once again been hired to engage our community,and we strongly encourage you to participate.  The ultimate question to keep in mind is:  Whose district is this, anyway? It’s yours, and you must engage!

Please do not leave it up to a few to decide for so many.


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