Content of Radio Broadcast Scheduled for May 17 (Part 1 of 3)

A description of why I'm in the Congressional race.

Editor's Note:  George Weber is scheduled to be a guest on 1220 AM KLPW Radio All Talk in Washington, MO, on May 17 from 9:15 a.m. to 10 a m. during the Diane Jones Morning Show.

This is an attempt to make listeners aware of some changes from the 18 months since November 2, 2010, until I am writing this on May 2, 2012. In that 18 months, I have logged 45 close friends and relatives who were not so fortunate as I, as I went to their funerals or memorials.
On election day 11-02-10, I began a series of chemotherapy for an attack of Mantle Cell Lymphoma and by January 2, 2011, I was placed in home health care, and more or less, told to go home and die. During that affliction I began writing additions to my election blog of 2010 until now I have more than 300 articles on a wide variety of issues which is available free to you on my website as we have them linked.
I received an education in health care cost that should make me an excellent Representative for that area of need, which will be a prominent part of our near future.
My self-treatment and a life history of more or less organic habits gave me the mental and physical strength which, today, 18 months later, gave me the approval to be removed from the Home Hospice program that the best doctors in the world put me on.
Things I warned about here in the 2010 campaign might have shocked many listeners. But my look at the future has been proven correct, and we are facing challenges in the near future that will make the past look like a Sunday School picnic.
As a farmer producing food and hay for more than 65 years, I have compared the movement of farmers off the land to what I found in China in 2003, where the government moved small farmers off the land to put their cheap labor to work in factories. That took much of our factory work overseas as I watched huge cargo ships carrying containers to our ports and then saw those containers come across the country on trains, with production 12,000 miles away.
I was a real estate broker over much of the same period, and watched our growth from small developments to monster deals across the country and watched the bubble burst in that line also. So, as I watch other candidates brag about how much money they are raising, I developed a campaign that will not accept any contributions from anyone so I will be free of influence and be able to act on my vast experience in many fields, all relating to government. 

All candidates I hear keep saying they would make jobs, but don't say how.  Here is my idea for our area that I have developed so far.
1.  I have qualified and am an Independent Mission Marketer for www.beyondorganic.com where my number was 35,282. It is the goal of the founder to make that number 1,000,000 who will be given the opportunity to buy great organic food for themselves, sell the foods to others and enroll others in the program. All this is at no cost to the government at any level.
2. I am part of a real estate development in the Second Congressional District which is ready to provide several excellent homes to buyers in a beautiful location next door. Investors who are looking for a better return than current interest being paid, could be offered a chance to invest locally in a sound project.
3.  This same developer looked ahead and purchased some beautiful land in west St. Louis County, and when the bubble broke for building, found that a family cemetery on the site opened the door to get a new Wildwood cemetery approved on it. Then he found the banks had no experience or desire to get into  that business, and is working on a possible program where approximately 2,000 shares could be available to investors at a modest investment, which would be recovered. Each share would give the investor a grave site and that group of shares would have a 40 percent interest in the whole cemetery, which might include a spot for a pet cemetery. The final details of this have not been reached but should be out by the end of the campaign.
So that is a way to solve the needs of the nation, allowing local investors to get into the growth area of the district, all at no cost again to local or other governments.

For more information, check out my website:  georgedweber.webs.com

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Layla Azmi Goushey May 08, 2012 at 11:23 AM
Mr. Weber, you are an inspiration. Thanks for the good ideas about boosting our local economy.


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