Pooch Belly: How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat For Women (and men)

A concern for people during weight loss, is getting rid of the pooch belly and how to get rid of belly fat for women. Many times its whats happening inside the body more than the exercises your doing.

One of the most common problems that people have, is getting rid of the pooch belly.

It seems as if no matter how hard you try, it just won’t go away, so what do you do, you crank out more lower abdominal exercises, and leg lifts and run some more. But after a while, you realize its not really helping. You may even have a great stomach on the upper half and the bottom is still soft and pudgy. Click here for the video.

That’s because most of the time, this pooch is not exercise related. It is usually driven by whats happening inside your body that’s causing all the problems. So here are a few tips to help decrease it.

First one, and possibly most important. Cut out the gluten in your diet. So that means your breads, pastas and all starchy kinds of food. This will be a good start, but also very difficult because gluten is in almost everything you eat, especially if you haven’t stopped buying foods in a bag or box. But most people have atleast a minor intolerance to gluten, which can gunk up and cause inflammation in our gastrointestinal tract, and that will cause bloating in that lower pooch area.

Next, drink more water and lower your sodium intake. This is more common in women, but many times when you start to retain water, people will stop drinking it because they have too much in. This doesn’t allow the body to clear the sodium and toxins that are causing the bloating, which sounds counter-intuitive, but when you are retaining water, cut out the sodium and then drink more water to clear your system out.

Another one is to increase your fiber. Most people are only getting in maybe 15 grams of fiber per day. I would recommend atleast doubling that to 30, and even 40 grams. This will also help to clean out your insides, and get rid of some of the junk just hanging around in your intestines.

Also, start taking a probiotic. This will put that good bacteria back into your stomach. It will also facilitate in your digestion and basically keep everything running smoothly on the inside of your body.

And finally, cut out the sugary and highly refined foods in your diet. I realize this goes right along with cutting out the gluten. But high sugary foods can also cause inflammation in your body, and any time that happens your body will not be operating at full capacity.

Give those a try and really stick to those rules for 2 weeks. You should see a notable difference and that will also give your body some time to clean out all the gluten and other stuff that is stuck in your intestines.

Because if you only try those for a day or two, you aren’t really going to see a big difference.

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Fitness St Louis February 06, 2013 at 01:49 PM
thanks, let me know if there is anything specific you want me to cover
Mike K February 06, 2013 at 11:35 PM
What sort of cleanse products are available? Do they work? Is just chugging fiber enough? Are they just expensive laxatives? Do the ones that are part of a "system" function better (i.e. regular weekly "cleansing" programs, usually expensive mail-order products)? Thanks in advance.
Fitness St Louis February 11, 2013 at 01:07 PM
Sorry this took so long to get back to you. I wouldn't buy any sort of cleanse product. I think they are a waste of money. I would look more for incorporating fiber into your daily routine. Basically cleanse products might clean out the bowels a little bit, but mainly, you are going to just be losing a bunch of water weight, for obvious reasons. And after its all over, you just start to gunk them up again if you don't change anything. I would start making sure to get more fiber in your diet. This will do a much better job in the long run, and also add in a bunch of other benefits too. If you are having trouble getting in enough fiber, psyllium husk is a supplement that you can take that works very well. Also adding in more vegetables works well too ( i can give you examples if you need them) but doing it this way will help keep you on track and not fluctuating up and down all the time. So basically, I would not waste your money on cleansing products. Does that answer your question?
Mike K February 11, 2013 at 01:26 PM
Yes, it does. Thank you for responding. I just didn't know if these 'cleanse' programs/products did something more than fiber and/or a laxative does.
Fitness St Louis February 11, 2013 at 01:41 PM
They will do more than fiber. For one, you will lose a lot of weight. But like i said, its mainly water weight, and unless you change what you are doing with your nutrition intake, you will end up in the same place, so they can be pretty pointless. And laxatives will get you nowhere. They really just dehydrate you, and don't really clear out any of the toxins. They are the worst out of the 3. But some people do a cleansing and then get serious about nutrition and exercises. Which is another way to go, I personally just don't do it. I think there are better ways to approach it.


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