Wildwood Bridge Down to One Lane for Safety

Fox Creek Road Bridge in the southern portion of Wildwood presents a safety hazard on one side until it's repaired.

Motorists traveling one of busiest roads now will discover Fox Creek Road Bridge must truly operate as a one-lane bridge. Safety cones were placed on the west side of the bridge Wednesday afternoon after Missouri Department of Transportation inspectors found corrosion problems during a routine inspection.

Ryan Thomas, Wildwood's city engineer and director of public works, said the bridge repair work will be bid out, perhaps to existing maintenance contractors to hasten the ability to get the work done. He said he is working with structural engineers to determine the appropriate measures needed to restore the bridge's full soundness.

Thomas said the problem is associated with the bridge's girders.

The bridge will be down to one lane and affected for at least two to four weeks. Fox Creek Road connects Missouri Route 100 to the Interstate 44 intersection, so the amount of traffic on the roadway is heavy.

Prior to this development, the Fox Creek Road Bridge was not on the city's master list for complete replacement until 2015.


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