Patch Places: How to Use

Saying an online goodbye to a local restaurant in Eureka prompted a reminder about the benefits of the Patch business directory now called "Places." You can rate local entities, services and products.

When we started to create content for the Eureka-Wildwood Patch a year ago this month, the first step was building the most comprehensive online business directory available for the two municipalities. After the news site was officially launched Nov. 3, that business portion of the site was prominent on the Home page and readers immediately engaged with it by posting comments about local services and products.

It was labelled as a Directory at first, but then was updated to be called "Places."

When unfortunately having to take down a business directory listing for in Eureka due to its closing, it was a good reminder to electronically discuss the directory in its current state.

Over the past year, readers have asked a few questions about the directory, so the following tips will incorporate answers to those common inquiries.

Places has seven main subcategories so that listings are grouped for readers' covenience:  food and dining; shopping; services; real estate; schools; health; and sports and fitness.

A few main factors about Places:

  • Patch produced a business directory; it is not meant or offered as a "review" of any businesses. The directory offers vital, operational details about businesses, schools, nonprofit organizations and religious locations.
  • Readers are invited to do the "reviewing" portion by being able to rate each offered entity through a stars system. Readers also can post comments about their experiences at each entity, both positive and not so positive.
  • Stars from reviewers are based on a 1 to 5 system, with more stars indicating more support from a reader.

Places includes listings for preschools, public schools, parochial schools, academies, colleges, learning centers and educational institutions in the Eureka-Wildwood area.

For public entities, in general, the directory attempts to provide details about an entities' hours of operation, handicap accessbility, parking, price levels, features, atmosphere and dress code.

Restaurant listings are often popular. We have sought to include details about the food, drinks, staff, service, music, billing procedures, and new products. When possible, we also comment on catering, delivery, eat-in, phone orders, prepared foods, take-out and web-based orders.

These Patch business listings were done and provided free to all the entities included.

Another community service Patch offers to business owners, managers or nonprofit leaders is to "claim their listings." It's a simple, one-time process of providing the necessary details to let Patch staffers know one can be given access to a particular listing so that it can be updated by the local business teams themselves.

Claiming a directory listing is, again, FREE, as another commitment of Patch to local communities. After securing access to a listing, business decision-makers can add information to it, such as seasonal changes on menus, annual sales, special events, photos, video clips and promotional offers—basically anything they would like customers, potential customers, members, congregants, patrons or the public to know.

Please search for your favorite Places and leave them some feedback, suggestions or good wishes.

Julie Brown Patton (Editor) July 18, 2011 at 09:31 PM
Be the first to leave a review for Table Three in Wildwood...
Michael Sicilia July 19, 2011 at 11:35 PM
Well my family and I moved to Eureka almost 2 years ago. We were excited about eating at Rich and Charles. So I took my wife of 18 years (at the time) to dinner there about 18 months ago. Well we were highly disapointed with the service as well as the food. My meal was burnt and my wife's was cold. We expressed this to the server and she looked at us like we were 3 headed monsters? We never saw her again until she gave us the bill! We have not gone back and never will. I understand that things happen but make an effort to make them right. We paid full price for this meal even though a manager never came out to talk to us nor did they offer to re-make the meal. Well so much for a romantic dinner?
Julie Brown Patton (Editor) July 19, 2011 at 11:42 PM
Michael, sorry to hear that happened. But you did share a perfect example of the type of variety of reviews that can be posted in Places. Do you have a different favorite restaurant in Eureka?


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