Pain Relief Offered Under One Roof in Eureka

Comprehensive Chiropractic & Rehabilitation teamed up with Breakthrough Pain Relief Clinic to offer medical, chiropractic and rehabilitation as one team.

Comprehensive Chiropractic & Rehabilitation and Breakthrough Pain Relief Clinic teams joined in Eureka to help patients with injuries and the types of pain that typically take over one's life.

Breakthrough Pain Relief Clinics are a multispecialty practice with a unique approach to pain. "We creatively use physical means, as well as other medical therapeutics, to help in the healing and rehabilitation of our patients," said Comprehensive Chiropractic owner Pat Feder.

"Our treatment involves all the resources available to treat the pain of our patients. Our patients are helped through a combination of physiatry and physical therapies, chiropractic care, and muscle therapy. Our goal is to successfully restore your quality of life to its maximum potential."

Comprehensive Chiropractic is the practice of doctors Patrick Feder, Nathan Free and Nichole Fink, with Fink as the director. They recently hosted an open house and provided tours at the Eureka location, 113 West 5th St.

The practice's staff offers professional chiropractic adjustment and physical rehabilitation services, in addition to offering therapeutic massage, acupuncture, nutritional counseling and custom foot orthotics services.

Comprehensive Chiropractic had another location in High Ridge. The Breakthrough Pain Relief Clinic group had locations in Sunset Hills, Chesterfield and Hazelwood. Now they are operating the clinics together.

Lisa Jones, the clinics' marketing director, said Feder predominantly now handles the business management portion of the facilities. He will assist Fink occasionally with patients, and will continue being involved with treatment plans.

She said while attending Logan College of Chiropractic University Feder became friends with a classmate, Mike Vishion. Vishion was working for a group called PRP (Pain Relief Partners). He purchased the three clinics in Sunset Hills, Chesterfield and Hazelwood during December 2011. 

Jones said merger-related talks and negotiations started between Feder and Vishion last February. Blending the five clinics officially happened this January, she said. 


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