New Route 109 Traffic Signal Petition Launched

The petition is available to sign at Earthbound Recycling, 25 Truitt Drive, in Eureka. It has been gaining signatures at nearly 20 businesses.

Bob Moore, owner of Earthbound Recycling, is collecting signatures on a petition to install traffic signals at the corner of Missouri Route 109 / Truitt Drive / Old Towne Drive in Eureka.

Moore said given there have been 38 accidents since the year 2000 and countless near misses, it seems there would be a safer way to handle traffic flow at this busy roadway. He said two deaths also occurred at the area, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol report for which he paid.

"When people try to turn left onto 109, they have to wait for very long periods of time, especially at certain times of the day. Or they turn quickly and that's why there are so many accidents there," he said.

"There was talk years ago about eliminating left turns."

Moore said he believes a traffic light synchronized with the one at Augustine Road would work well, but he said he has been told it would cost at least $100,000.

"The bus drivers who drive this area agree there should be a light, and as do the residents of the next-door apartment complex," he said.

Moore said anyone interested in signing the petition can stop by Earthbound Recycling. On Tuesday, he plans to round up signed versions of it from the 17 other businesses at which the petition has been over the past couple of weeks.

"My understanding is that I will present the petition to Mayor Coffey and the city of Eureka so they can approach MoDOT (Missouri Department of Transportation) about it," he said.

Cheryl Sheehy February 06, 2013 at 01:02 AM
I would think a right only out of earthbounds street and right only out of the street in front of shell would be sufficient personally. A concrete median right there in front of the two streets would do it. You can't make a left onto 109 out of qt, so it works. Some people might have to make a turn around somewhere to get onto earthbounds street, but they do that on Manchester in Des Peres as well. I think putting in a light so close to the other is going to be costly and confusing seeing lights so close to each other. This is just my opinion, please don't be angry! Thanks!


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