Little Dipper Chocolate Blends Delectables in Wildwood

The chocolate used by this Wildwood resident is Fair Trade Certified and comes from South America.

Visitors to select St. Louis County farmers' markets have the opportunity to purchase a variety of treats from Beth Prindable, owner of Little Dipper Chocolate—which has a very local connection. Following is the result of an email interview with the business owner.

Who created Little Dipper Chocolate? Where does the name come from, and in which St. Louis city is the company based?

Little Dipper Chocolate was created by Beth Prindable and is based in Wildwood.

What makes Little Dipper different from other chocolate companies? Who makes the chocolate, and how is it packaged?

Little Dipper Chocolate creates handmade chocolates from the best ingredients available. All of our chocolate is Fair Trade Certified and comes from South America. All of our dairy products that we use are organic as are the honey and olive oil that we use.

We specialize in unique and seasonal ingredients that highlight the flavor of the different types of chocolate that we use. 

All of the chocolates that we make are made by our staff. All of our paper packaging is made from recycled material and is recyclable and compostable. All of our wrappers are made from plants and are compostable.

What will people find when they visit Little Dipper's booth at the Clayton Farmer's Market?

We will have a selection of solid chocolates, filled chocolates, bark, truffles and sea salt caramels.

What are your favorite Little Dipper creations? Which are customers' favorites?

One of my favorites is called "bread and chocolate". With this we toast a slice of baguette that has been brushed with honey and olive oil, then we dip it in dark chocolate and add a few grains of sea salt. The bread is chewy and crisp, and the olive oil and honey taste great with the chocolate. 

One of our most popular chocolates is a turtle with sea salt caramel and toasted pecans. Another favorite is the Mayan spice truffle, made with orange zest, cinnamon and chipotle pepper.

Where can people purchase Little Dipper chocolates when they're not visiting the Clayton Farmer's Market?

They can be purchased at Local Harvest Grocery at 3108 Morgan Ford Rd. near Tower Grove Park and at the upcoming new location at 12309 Old Big Bend Rd. in Kirkwood.

How do you see Little Dipper growing over the next several years?

We will continue to develop new flavors and explore the varieties of chocolate coming out of small-scale farms in South America. We plan on opening a retail store and will continue to collaborate with local food producers.

What other comments would you like to make?

I started this business because I have always loved to work with chocolate. It is an incredible food that can be anything from savory to sweet and is almost universal in its appeal. And now we know how good it can be for our health!


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