Los Cabos: Restaurant Review Roundup

This restaurant opened in mid-September in Eureka—how would you rate the menu and service?

When Los Cabos Mexican Family Restaurant opened this fall in Eureka, they featured lunch specials, appetizers, children's plates, soups, vegetarian plates, salads, a la carta items, side orders and desserts.

Los Cabos is located at 54 Legends Plaza, in the same location previously operating as Fortel's Pizza.

Two reviews about this restaurant on Yelp provided two different reactions:

  • Mike D. from Eureka: "I'll keep it short and sweet. The food here was really good. The cabos taco's were excellent, my new favorite. Service was normal, not spectacular, but not bad. They also have beer in huge mugs which is great if you ever wanted to feel like a hobbit."
  • Courtney G. from Eureka:  "I was excited to try out Los Cabos because it recently opened up and I was told by a friend that she enjoyed her experience there. We came here with family on a Sunday night and it was halfway full. The customer service here was not good. Our waiter wasn't very friendly and once our food came out, everyone had theirs but Mr. G, so after waiting five minutes for it to come out, he had to flag down our waiter to ask him where his meal was. Apparently they forgot to put it in, but they didn't apologize for it or even offer to take it off the tab. He finally got it when everyone else was finishing up their meals, which is a huge bummer. The food did come out very quickly, that was one positive thing about our experience. Everyone thought their food was fine, but not great. I had the fajitas mixtas which was a combination of chicken, steak and shrimp. The meat was good, but the veggies it came with were all overcooked so they were really flimsy and mushy. The fajitas that came on the side were tough and not soft, like they were overcooked or else pre-cooked and then put in the microwave before they came out. I was not a fan of their chips and salsa. The chips were fine, but the salsa tasted just like tomato paste without a lot of flavor. We had to sit around and wait another ten minutes at the end of our meal for the bill, we had to flag our waiter down again in order to get it. I would be more understanding if they were slammed, but they weren't. I had an online coupon for $5.00 off our meal of $25 or more, so when we went to pay we showed them the online coupon on our iphone and they refused to accept it. It would be one thing if the coupon online said it had to be printed out and brought in, but it does not. I'm guessing a lot of other people who strictly use their phones would think the exact same thing about an online coupon. The coupon didn't even have a barcode on it, so I don't know why they would even need it printed out. That really bugged me because we had a large bill with a family of 7 people, so it's not like our bill was small. I'm sure they could have given us the $5.00 off for the business we gave them. What's even better is that I called a nearby location (this restaurant is a chain) and the employee there told me that they accept the $5.00 online coupon if you show it to them on your phone. Just a head's up if you go here, you may need to print it out because depending on who you check out with, you may or may not be able to use it online. All in all, we were disappointed in our experience here and there is a lot of room for improvement, especially with their service."

Have you tried Los Cabos yet? What did you think, particularly of their Mexican stables of salsa, fajitas and margaritas? Share your review by clicking here.

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Jill Thompson December 21, 2012 at 10:42 PM
We went with our famiy. The cheese dip was good the dessert was good. The salsa was kinda boring. The menu seemed exiting but the food wasn't really. I had two margaritas and it still wasn't exciting. Waiter not real with it.I wanted it to be great - but sadly we won't be returning.
GLN December 22, 2012 at 08:02 PM
We'd agree with the others - the service here was bad, food was so-so. Would much rather drive down the road a few minutes to get to Chimis.


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