Lion's Choice Chooses New Soup

A new menu addition at Lion's Choice adds a little kick to the traditional roasted beef meal. Get it before it's gone.

The newest "limited time only" soup that can be ordered at Lion's Choice is called Cheesy Chicken Tortilla. It's an interesting combination of corn, black beans, chicken, red peppers and lots of cheesy goodness.

"Everybody's liked it so far," said Karen LaFaver, manager of the restaurant in . There also is a connected to the in .

With spiciness being a subjective element, LaFaver said she recommends customers add sour cream to the soup to tone it down if they think that's warranted. She said sour cream also serves to thicken it a little, providing a nice consistency.

Broccoli cheddar and chili are served every day at the restaurant. A variety of other soups, such as potato bacon, chicken noodle, or clam chowder, are available on a rotating or seasonal schedule there. An 8-ounce bowl of the new tortilla soup contains 220 calories.

Lion's Choice is a privately held, regional chain of quick serve restaurants, which cook their real roasted beef in their locations each day. Lion's Choice restaurants—or first called Red Lion, as some will recall—were founded in 1967 in St. Louis.

The St. Louis metropolitan area remains the primary market for Lion's Choice where they have 26 corporate and franchise stores.

Editor's Note:  With Cheesy Chicken Tortilla soup being a limited time option at Lion's Choice restaurants, the local staffs do not know how long they will have it available.


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