Gibby's Restaurant to Open Mid-Week

Owners of a new Eureka restaurant will offer dining, catering and carryout orders. Get ready to take their big burger challenge—maybe as soon as Tuesday or Wednesday.

Owners of Gibby's restaurant at 108C Hilltop Village in hope to officially open this week. They renovated the former retail space rented by Rich & Charlie's restaurant, and now have completed all the St. Louis County health inspection requirements. Editor's Note:  Calling the restaurant at 636-777-2333 to verify the opening and hours is strongly suggested before heading there for a meal.

(See previously published article from Nov. 18:  )

Jeff Geiser, one of three brothers involved, said he has been in the restaurant business for the past 15 years. They opened Gibby's in St. Clair, MO, last fall. They also own Cecil Whittaker's in Washington, MO.

Tony will be taking the lead on the new eatery in Eureka.

"We've been ready to open, just not able to until all the inspections were done," said Jeff.

The restaurant's named after the middle name of their grandfather, Harry Gilbert Wade, whose nickname was Gibby. Wade died in 1994.

Tony said they will offer single, double and triple-decked burgers—one will be called a big challenge burger that sports three patties and three buns plus fixings and condiments.

The Geisers plan to provide specialty pizzas, topped with provel cheese. They will have pizzas called the carnivore, the herbivore, supreme, and even a taco pizza. Other menu items will include barbecue, ribs, gyro sandwiches and pulled pork.

Jeff said they also will have special salads, and that he has developed a dish wherein he rolls the following ingredients in mozzarella cheese:  romaine lettuce, basil, onions and tomatoes. It is served with balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Tony said they intend to have various beers on tap, plus about 30 bottled brands. They also have wine and a full bar for those seeking beyond beer beverages.

Within the restaurant they created a half wall, semi-private area for parties, office gathering and celebrations. This area seats 30 people. The restaurant overall can accommodate 150 diners.

paully January 27, 2012 at 09:32 PM
I just noticed that Julie, Thanks for letting me know. I did check out that article.
jay March 19, 2012 at 05:04 AM
Horrible food and even worse service. You're better off going somewhere else.
jones April 14, 2012 at 09:36 PM
i think there food good and im a cheif for a high dollar five star resturant and i know what good food is and there service is not at bad
Kristin June 20, 2012 at 01:41 AM
We had a very friendly and nice server. She always smiled and apologized that our fries were not done at the same time as our food. We sat in the bar area... First There was not a bar tender behind the bar. You didn't know who the bartender was. We saw four servers behind the bar getting there own drinks(including ours) first question were some of these girls of age to be behind the bar? Second our wings took 20 mins to get. Then ten to 15 mins later our food arrived. My fiancé ordered the Philly cheese sandwich and the bread was soggy. The fries did not come out for another five mins. He was pretty much almost finished with the sandwich. I had the chicken Parmesan spaghetti. It was delicious. Two of the three beers were very warm. Overall our service was slow. Not just because of the server but also because of the kitchen. Not a place I will recommend when friends come in town to visit. We were very anxious to try gibbys and did not have a good experience.
Chris July 06, 2012 at 08:09 PM
We tried Gibby's this week and my husband had the best burger he's had in years. The service was timely and good. We liked the food so much we ordered a pizza to take home. The salad was also excellent and the toasted ravioli was not over done and hard as it is some places. Overall it was a good experience and we will go back


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