David Freese Highlights Six Flags' Media Day (Video)

From MVP St. Louis Cardinals' player to roller coaster thrill seeker, former Wildwood resident David Freese christened Six Flags' new "Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast" roller coaster on Thursday.

David Freese was as good a sport at Thursday as he is on national baseball fields. As part of this year's Media Day at the amusement park in , Freese helped the Six Flags staff officially launch their renovated "Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast" roller coaster, which takes riders from 0 to 70 mph backward through a 190-foot tunnel into a 180-degree inversion and finally climbing the 222-foot tower in reverse, hanging parallel to the ground, before diving straight down!

Getting with the spirit, Freese led the roller coaster "Freeze Train" five times Thursday, all with different groups of people, such as the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri. Each ride lasts only 59 seconds total.

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Freese said he first went to Six Flags when he was probably nine or 10 years old. "I came here a bunch in middle school. Batman was the big, new ride, then," he said. "But obviously I like Mr. Freeze, too." 

He said he really, really liked it when Six Flags decorated the spelling of the ride "Mr. Freeze" to "Mr. Freese" with an "s," to celebrate after the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series.

Patch asked Freese if he typically sits in the back or front of roller coasters. "I usually like the back, so being in the front today was, whew, quite a rush," he said.

Freese said he loves roller coasters, but a big part of Thursday's enjoyment, was getting to see the excitement of the kids running around and on the ride.

"It certainly was exciting to have a World Series MVP in Eureka," said Julie Wood, Eureka's economic development director. "I wish he could visit the restaurants and shops while he's here."

Six Flags Over St. Louis Park President Dave Roemer said they like to join with other businesses on behalf of the community. "And there's no greater equity partner for us than the Cardinals," he said. "David Freese attended the park while growing up in this area, and it's very thrilling to see him helping to introduce our ride, especially given its name."

As part of Six Flags Media Day, most of the local television and radio crews attended, such as FOX 2 and Y-98, along with reporters from ESPN, St. Louis Magazine and St. Louis Business Journal. Check out the video of Freese riding Mr. Freeze with FOX 2 reporter Tim Ezell.

Six Flags corporate engineer Lee Stellhorn said the changes to Mr. Freeze started in his head. "It's really just an aversion and going to the reverse concept. Most of the changes needed to be made to the station."

Six Flags electrical engineer Rick Rhodes agreed that it wasn't too hard to simply "turn the ride around."

The Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast ride, which is expected to open to all thrill seekers in May, will be the fastest, reverse roller coaster in Missouri.

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