Coca-Cola Freestyle Dispenser Debuts Nearby

The new vending machine that allows customers to have Coca Cola products more than 100 different ways became available yesterday at the Fenton White Castle. Eureka White Castle is not slated to receive the machine, however.

While the Coca Cola Company buzz recently has been about its secret formula being moved to a new vault in Atlanta's World of Coca-Cola museum, company officials unveiled a new dispenser Friday that allows Coca-Cola product lovers to mix their own formula — at the touch of a button.

The new Coca-Cola Freestyle soda dispenser, which has its own Facebook page, received a tryout Friday at the White Castle Restaurants in Fenton and Affton, and at a Fazoli's restaurant in Oakville. Free 20-ounce drinks were given out to those who attended a "happy hour" event. The new Freestyle dispenser features more than 100 ways to mix your own Coca-Cola product, from Cherry Coke to Cherry Vanilla Dasani Water to Lime Dr. Pepper and dozens of other combinations.

The sleek Coca Cola dispensers are only available in limited locations in the St. Louis area. The Facebook page provides a comprehensive list.

Terisa Monroe, Coca-Cola group director of customer marketing was on-hand at White Castle Friday to tout the new dispenser, and to walk thirsty customers though the process of mixing their own Coke product.

"There is a lot of variety and options available, including 90 no-carb drinks and 70 low- or no-calorie drinks," Monroe said. "It's mixed perfectly, and it's the same way every time because there's a memory chip inside that regulates the flavors."

Coca-Cola Freestyle is now available in more 1,700 outlets and more than 75 markets across the United States, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Jacksonville, Orlando, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Northern and Southern California.

White Castle customers Friday seemed to like the new dispenser, especially for the ease of using it to make their own Coca-Cola mixture.

Tracy Dougherty, of Golden, MO, and her husband were driving to St. Louis for a weekend concert and stopped at White Castle to eat, as they often do. They were surprised by the Coca Cola Freestyle ballyhoo. Tracy said the dispenser was simple to use.


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