Cenveo Managers Confirm It Is Fully Operating, Bindery Subcontractor Ceased

On Monday, FOX2 News reported 60 employees who worked at Cenveo's facilities in Eureka were suddenly out of work and not paid for wages. Cenveo on Wednesday night issued a clarifying statement about a sublessee.

Cenveo St. Louis is open and fully operational. That's what Cenveo managers want everyone to know after employees who worked within Cenveo's facility for the subcontractor, Infinity Fulfillment, Inc., told FOX2 News on Monday they suddenly were dismissed from their jobs on Thursday and not paid for wages earned for the past three weeks.

For the TV segment, see related article from Tuesday morning:

Editor's Note:  Eureka-Wildwood Patch updated the article at 6:49 a.m. Wednesday and waited for a response from Cenveo.

Cenveo spokespeople, through a written statement issued late Wednesday evening, said the confusion stemmed from an independent bindery company—Infinity—which subleases space at the Eureka facility.

Infinity is owned by the same principals that own and operate another St. Louis company, GFA Decorative Trade Services, Inc., the Cenveo statement indicated.

Cenveo officials stated that at 3 p.m. on Thursday Infinity representatives announced the business was ceasing operations, an announcement that Cenveo spokespeople said came less than 24 hours after Infinity’s owner advised Cenveo of the impending closure.

Approximately 60 employees of Infinity were affected by this decision. While the closure of Infinity does not apply to Cenveo St. Louis or its 126 employees at the Eureka facility, Cenveo spokespeople indicated they promptly transitioned their bindery work to other binderies, all of which they said have had business relationships with Cenveo for more than 20 years.

Cenveo St. Louis is the second largest commercial facility within Cenveo’s national print and distribution network, according to company sources. Since the company moved to Eureka in 2010, the plant consistently demonstrated good financial performance and is anticipating additional growth in the coming year, the same Wednesday statement emphasized.

"We hope this statement alleviates any concern which Cenveo employees, Cenveo customers and community leaders may have as a result of the misleading news reports," indicated the statement.

Under Missouri law, once workers give written notice to the company of unpaid wages, the company has seven days to pay them; if not, the company is liable to pay wages, for up to 60 days, reports FOX2 News.


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