Becky's Carpet & Tile Is Source of Better Business Bureau Complaints

The Better Business Bureau staffers ask customers who encounter issues with the closing carpet store to file an official complaint with their department. One Wildwood business couple handled matters through their credit card company.

A Better Business Bureau representative of St. Louis said Tuesday that , which recently announced the closure of all its St. Louis-area stores, received five formal complaints from customers in the last three years.

Co-owner Becky Rothman told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch competition from big box retailers and a slower economy hurt sales at the business, which had its flagship location just east of Highway 141 in Manchester.

"It's been very hard to keep the business going," Rothman told the newspaper, which reported that Rothman Properties is delinquent in paying property taxes totaling more than $150,000 at four of its stores for the 2011 tax year.

Although the Manchester business had a hand-written sign on its door saying "Closed" Tuesday, customers could still enter the store, where a sales representative said cash-in-hand purchases would be accepted as the business liquidated remaining merchandise.

As Becky's Carpet & Tile closes shop, some customers have encountered issues with the business's planned closure, including a set of business owners.

When Chris and Tracy Curran, owners of and in Wildwood, got a call Friday from Becky's Carpet & Tile, they thought they were receiving confirmation of their impending carpet installation. What the Currans got informed instead was that the new carpet scheduled for going into their home Monday would not be coming at all because Becky's was closing for business.

"In addition, they said they couldn't give us a refund for the $600 deposit we gave them, and that we would have to dispute the charge with our credit card company," Chris emailed to Patch. "It pretty much is a scam, and we'll be filing a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney General's office."

When Patch checked with the Currans Tuesday, Tracy said their credit card company had "backed them for the deposit," followed by a 60-day review period during which Becky's could decline reimbursing the credit card company. "I guess Becky's staff could deny everything," she said, citing however, they did have a work record in-hand from when the carpet was ordered.

"We feel like we'll be OK because we paid with a credit card. For those who paid with cash or a check, they are in a more difficult situation. We hope they will get covered, but we wonder when," said Tracy.

She said Becky's customers who need refunds now are receiving official letters.

Becky Rothman could not be reached for comment late Tuesday regarding the disputed payment.

"We've had a lot of complaints on them," Jerri Stroud of the Better Business Bureau said of the carpet and tile store.

Despite the five complaints against Becky's Carpet & Tile location in Manchester over the last three years, Stroud noted that the business still was listed with an "A+" rating.

Diane Taylor, Director of Operations at the Better Business Bureau, said any customers who have experienced similar issues with the business at any of its locations should contact her department.

"We're encouraging those epode to call us so we can file a complaint," Taylor said. "Now unfortunately I can't make any promises that they will get their money back."


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