Be Individual Cancer Killers

Part 1: Two Wildwood-based chiropractors wanted to highlight how not to become a cancer statistic, so they hosted a Cancer Killer Maximized Living Makeover event Thursday, along with 20,000 to 25,000 people nationwide.

Every time one eats or drinks, one is either feeding or fighting cancer. That was the straightforward message of the Cancer Killer Maximized Living Makeover event conducted Thursday night at the Wildwood Hotel by Drs. Jerod Posey, DC, and Nick Barnes, DC, of 212 Degrees of Wellness.

Approximately 150 attendees at the event learned cancer is the body's adaption to a toxic life system, and that 1,500 people a day are dying from cancer, said Barnes. He said it's imperative to adopt a healthy, preventive life that works with the body's natural composition, because the body is designed to kill cancer every second, if given the right circumstances.

"Cancer is the symptom, not the disease," he said. "You can't cut, poison or burn yourself into health."

Americans are spending $125 billion treating cancer so far this year, but "cancer isn't the problem, it's the (body's) solution" to current, overall lifestyles filled with choices that stack the deck in favor of cancer, were key points emphasized at the event.

"We're here to help you learn how to release your own amazing power to fight and kill cancer," said Posey.

Many of the cancer-fighting tips shared that night come from Dr. Charles Majors, author of the new book The Cancer Killers. Majors was a seemingly healthy, middle-aged man who suddenly discovered he had four, aggressive brain tumors. After a series of medical assessments, it was found 37 percent of Majors' blood was producing cancer. His future looked bleak, at best, but his book focuses on how freeing up his spinal health was actually the first positive step toward fighting his cancer. The book also outlines a two-week protocol for those dealing with cancer.

"Trying to prevent cancer is a choice we make every day," said Posey. "At our center, we're all about the possibilities, even for those currently dealing with some type of cancer. There's always hope."

The event also included an expo with health-oriented "partnering" companies, such as Elle Salon and Spa in Eureka, Mercy Ministries, Crossfit, Sports and Physical Therapy Center in Eureka, Costco, Jordan Essentials, Krav Maga, and All Pro Water.

Editor's Note:  Return to Eureka-Wildwood Patch for tips and additional information from this Cancer Killer Maximized Living Makeover event about how to fight cancer. Admission to the event was $25 each.


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