Applebee's in Eureka Closes; Are Your Coupons Still Good?

An Applebee's spokesman said, "This is not something we enjoy doing."

This Eureka location closed on Saturday. File Photo.
This Eureka location closed on Saturday. File Photo.
The Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar is no longer in your neighborhood if you're a Eureka resident.

The restaurant closed its doors permanently on Saturday, according to an Applebee's spokesman, and won't be relocating anywhere nearby anytime soon.

"Unfortunately we had to permanently close the Eureka location," said Donlyn Kwedar, marketing manager for the St. Louis region. "This is not something we enjoy doing or we like to see happen."

Kwedar said the closest Applebee's location to Eureka residents would be in High Ridge, Washington or Fenton.

Kwedar said any coupons for the Eureka location can be used at any St. Louis location.
EtownIsAWaste September 30, 2013 at 11:45 AM
Every restaurant that has closed in Eureka closes quickly. Gibby's, Johnnys, Fortel's, Phils BBQ, 025 Steak House, Legends Grill etc. We really need new leadership, Eureka is not thriving like it could.
Cheryl Sheehy September 30, 2013 at 12:05 PM
Yep, we all end up shopping in other counties and giving them the tax monies that we should really be giving to eureka to make eureka grow. What are they doing about all those vacant buildings, some of which have been vacant for years? And the strip stores behind culvers? Half built? Who's stupid plan was that? The old schnucks building just standing there for years...why aren't they being filled? Is the lease/rent too high? Is it too high so people don't come to eureka with their business so eureka can grow? New leadership is definitely a must!
jananney October 02, 2013 at 05:27 PM
With all due respect, the restaurants that closed in Eureka were awful. Gibby's was the worst food, and the worst service that I have ever experienced. We gave them 2 chances, and both times were absolute disasters. Some folks liked Phil's, and he seemed like a very nice man. But, the place seemed dirty, and the food was not good in my opinion. I usually like Denny's, too, and I wish we had a decent one in this town. But folks- I am NOT going to spend my money in Eureka to support restaurants that don't do a decent job! The reason they failed has nothing to do with Eureka leadership- the restaurants have to take some responsibility and put out a good product. Otherwise, I'll continue to take my business to Wildwood and Washington, and surrounding communities where there are GOOD restaurants.
Cheryl Sheehy October 05, 2013 at 06:28 PM
Yes, the restaurants stink here with the exception of about two. My concern is more shop-based. Eureka is growing with families by leaps and bounds. It SEEMS as though the Eureka board doesnt want to let Eureka grow with stores to the residents. It SEEMS that something is keeping people from renting here for very long or not at all. Did you see the stores behind CULVERS in eureka not even finished being built? Its been a few years. It SEEMS six flags is the only thing bringing people to eureka. We need something here to bring in more taxes. I dont want to have to give my tax money to other counties forever. Eureka really needs something out here.


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