Eureka Arts Council Gets City Donation

It will be the sixth year for collaboration between Eureka Arts Council and Eureka city leaders.

Eureka board of aldermen agreed to donate $5,500 to the Eureka Arts Council at Tuesday's meeting, per a request from Karen Crimi, who represented the council. This is the sixth year Eureka has lent a financial hand to this arts organization.

The request was for an additional $500 more than in the past. The Eureka Arts Council program benefits 450 to 500 people, ranging from pre-kindergarten toddlers through adults, said Crimi, when board of aldermen questioned how the money was being used.

Crimi said rooms were rented from the Rockwood School District on behalf of the council's summer programs. She said the district started charging for the rooms about four years, and that the arts council does get them at a reduced rate.

Board of Alderman Marilyn Leistner asked from where the council got all of its funding. Crimi said the Regional Arts Commission provides some funding, and participating students are charged fees.

Board of aldermen asked from where participants of the program reside. Crimi said she would estimate 65 to 70 percent are from Eureka, or are Wildwood residents who attend Eureka-based schools. She also said four grants typically are given to St. Louis city students each summer, through a subsidized tuition endeavor.

Eureka Arts Council programs are open to "residents of Eureka and surrounding areas," Crimi said.


Eureka Arts Council Receives City Donation

Eureka Arts Council Requests City Donation

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