Merry Christmas, Wildwoodian Style!

Many Wildwood residents locate their homes there due to the trees, openness, wildlife and love of nature shared in the spread-out pockets of the municipality. Wild trees are even decorated for Christmas.

The same wild tree in pictured in this feature was decorated last year, so it's been with anxious eyes that I've monitoring a certain stretch of Missouri Route 100 since Thanksgiving. And indeed, this nice white pine was adorned this year as well.

For a look at what the tree looked like in 2010, .

Last year, it wasn't revealed who decorates it, but Patch reader and Wildwood resident Mary Anthonis indicated "whoever does this, has done it for a few years, ever since it was a tiny tree."

Anthonis said she looks forward to this special tree being decorated every year. "I hope the tree grows tall, and we get to see the decorations grow over the years. Thanks to whoever does this. I hope they know how much we all look forward to it," she posted.

So again, to whomever is the decorator — Merry Christmas and to All Trees a Good Night!

(See article regarding a lucky cedar tree that got decorated this year on the other side of the community:  )


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