Dog Lost During Thunderstorm

Patchers: Please ask around to see if anyone has seen the dog in this accompanying photo. She bolted during last night's storm in Wildwood, and her owners are still looking for her today.

The cute, little dog pictured here—Chloe—was lost last night in the storm.

Her owners said she darted out of the house in a blast of thunder. They looked all night for her, and the search for her is under way again today.

Chloe was lost between Wild Horse Creek Road and Missouri Route 109 in Wildwood, with thick woods all around. The owners ask everyone traveling Highway 109 to please keep an eye out for her.

Please leave any clues here in the comments' section so Patch readers can work together, like we have in the past, to help pinpoint the whereabouts of missing animals.

Anyone who spotted Chloe can phone 636-532-5900, and ask for  Laura.

David Weihe September 27, 2012 at 02:47 PM
I drive by here twice a day and haven't seen anything. I'd expect she'd almost have to be in the heavily wooded area north-west of the 109/Wild Horse Creek Road intersection. I have no idea how you'd even try and search that area.


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